Razer's next laptop is powered entirely by the Razer Phone

As smartphones become much more powerful, closing the gap between themselves and entry-level gaming laptops and desktops, they've become an increasingly viable place to play legitimately impressive games. The only downside with them is that they lack the screen size, the storage space and the input options of more capable computing systems. Razer's Project Linda wants to change that, while offering a cheap laptop solution for those who purchased its Razer Phone, by letting you plug it right into the laptop shell.

Project Linda is a 13.3-inch laptop with a smartphone docking point where you would expect the touch pad to be. It has no internal processing power of its own, but has 200GB of storage space, a chunky battery and 4k 120Hz screen. The idea is you slot your Razer Phone into the front docking port and power the entire laptop with it, leveraging the phone's impressive graphical and processing capabilities to game on a device with a higher quality, larger screen and the added keyboard and mouse functionality of a laptop.

As much as this is great news for gamers though, anyone who finds themselves doing a lot of work with a tethered phone could find use of it, letting their devices share battery life, use a hardwired networking connection to add LTE Advanced connectivity to their laptop without traditional Wi-Fi hotspot tethering, and massively cutting down on the cost of the laptop itself.

Project Linda was shown off for the first time at this year's CES and is currently just in the conceptual phase. It's an interesting one though that could bear fruit if Razer's phone finds a large enough audience.

Would you upgrade to the Razer Phone and laptop set up if it became available?

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