Redmoon Coming to the US

[[Redmoon in the US]]

RedMoon, already successful in Korea with over 800,000 registered users and currently in U.S. beta, will be commercially released in the U.S. during Q2,2001 in parallel to release of both the English version e - books and printed comic books.
"Our U.S. game players will finally be able to read the full exciting story on which RedMoon is based; an essential element for them to get the most enjoyment from playing", said Jason Kim, President of World Netgames Inc.

Fans perusing the shelves of their local bookstore will now find a CD providing them game software included with the comic book, while those more interested in e - books will be able to follow on - line game download links and not have to leave the comfort of their home. "This gives us the opportunity to expand the comic book experience for our readers, as well as tap the potential readership of millions of online game players ", said Robin Kuo, President of ComicsOne.

Future plans include other language versions of the RedMoon comic book (such as Chinese) following worldwide game rollout, as well as release of additional game/comic book titles.

You vcan download the beta version of the game and the update patch from Red Moon Online


Far from Earth, in the distant depths of space, a star saw the strength of man's inner spirit grow on the planet Signus, and with it a great civilization of advanced science and technology. Alongside their technological advancement, for a few, came even more power from their developing psychic skills, including telepathy and teleportation across vast distances... even to Earth.

But long ago a prophet had foretold that with power comes pride, out of which would grow evil. And so, it was Aguilas who brought a reign of tyranny, war and destruction to Signus. The people, their planet standing in ruins, prayed for a savior who could free them from his rule. Hoping as was also foretold that out of the devastation a hero, the true 'Sun', would come to save them.

Aguilas feared the 'Sun'...

The future of Signus is tied to the Earth over time and space. It is now your turn to live out this story, traveling from present-day urban Earth through the deserts and mountains, and eventually out across space to war-devastated Signus. Do you have the courage and strength of will to grow beyond a pale red moon and become the one true 'Sun', bringing life and hope to a barren land?

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