Sony Acquires Guerilla-Games

Sony Acquires Guerilla-Games Sony Acquires Guerilla-Games

Sony Computer Entertainment announced that it has acquired developer Guerrilla Games to further expand its development capability as part of Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS).

In a strategic move to secure the titles associated with Guerilla as exclusive to its Playstation platform, the acquisition of Guerrilla has formalised the already close working relationship between Sony Computer Entertainment and the studio.

Guerrilla B.V., based in Amsterdam, Netherlands is the developer of the Killzone game for PlayStation 2, which has shipped close to 2 Million units worldwide. The studio is currently working on a new Killzone title for PS 3, early scenes of which were shown to wide acclaim when revealed at E3 earlier this year. The studio is also developing a further game within the Killzone universe for PlayStation Portable (PSP). Guerrilla signed an exclusive development agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in March 2004 and the acquisition will help the team grow as a key creative element of the SCE Worldwide Studios network.