Sony And Microsoft Spin November Sales Each To Its Favor

Microsoft announced that Xbox One has sold exactly 909,132 units in USA during the last nine days of November following its launch on 22nd of that month.

According to the company, this makes Xbox One the "fastest selling" console in America with an average of 101,000 units sold per day, "significantly outpacing the nearest competitor."

Sony didn't reveal exact figures regarding U.S. sales, but it did announce earlier that 1 million PlayStation 4 units were sold in the first 24 hours in USA and Canada. Sony also claims that PlayStation 4 was the top selling console in USA in November.

Our sharp readers would notice that neither of the two companies is lying per se. Instead, they are both spinning the words to the angle that suits them best. See, PlayStation 4 was released a full week ahead of Xbox One and that's why Sony is focusing on total sales for the month while Microsoft is focusing on average daily sales.

As for the old gen, Microsoft announced that Xbox 647,000 Xbox 360 units were sold in November which makes it the bestselling console of that generation. Microsoft also revealed that American consumers have spent a total of $1.21 billion last month on Xbox related items. This includes Xbox One and Xbox 360's hardware, software and accessories.

For comparison, NPD report reveals that the total amount of money spent on gaming in USA over the same period was $2.74 billion. Evidently, Xbox's share is 44% of that pie.

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