Sony Offers Free Repairs To Notebooks With Defective Nvidia GPUs

In July 2008, NVIDIA announced that some notebook computers with NVIDIA graphic processors manufactured with a certain material set were failing in the field at a higher than normal rate. Since that announcement, Sony, in cooperation with NVIDIA, has been looking into any possible effect to VAIO notebooks with NVIDIA graphic processors.

Sony has now determined that a small percentage of VAIO computers with the NVIDIA graphics chips may experience this issue. These PCs may exhibit distorted video, duplicate images or a blank screen due to a failure of the NVIDIA graphics chip.

This issue only applies to the versions of these VAIO computer models that came with a NVIDIA graphics chip:
• VGN-AR1xx, VGN-AR2xx, VGN-AR3xx
• VGN-FZ1xx, VGN-FZ2xx, VGN-FZ3xx, VGN-FZ4xx
• VGC-LT1xx, VGC-LT2xx

Sony will cover the cost of repair (parts and labor) at no charge and, in addition to the standard limited 12 month warranty, Sony will provide a three year warranty extension for the NVIDIA graphics chip.
• If you are currently experiencing this issue, please contact us at 1-888-868-7402 to set up a repair service at Sony repair facility.

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