Spawn Has a Mentor

Spawn Has a Mentor

Namco and Todd McFarlane Productions announced the official name of Mammon, a character known by many "Spawn" enthusiasts for his mysterious appearances in numerous past comic book episodes. Until today, Mammon has been portrayed as a background character that appeared in dark, hidden shadows. Mammon is now slated to take on a much more proactive, even major, role in both the upcoming video game as well as in future episodes of the Spawn comic book series, with appearances beginning in issue 133. The video game, Spawn : Armageddon, is scheduled to release in November 2003 on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the Nintendo GameCube and the Xbox video game system from Microsoft.

Ever enigmatic in his past actions and future intentions, Mammon has been described by insiders as Spawn's personal guide and mentor whose wisdom is often sought during Spawn's ongoing conflicts between the forces of Heaven and Hell. Though his motives remain unclear to Spawn, Mammon is extremely knowledgeable and Spawn has little choice but to use Mammon's wisdom to his advantage.

Bringing Mammon, his personality and the intense history between Mammon and Spawn to the forefront of the franchise's storyline is something that I've been thinking about since I originally wrote the character into the script, said Creator, Todd McFarlane. When the opportunity arose to introduce Mammon through the 'Spawn' video game, it was obvious that this was the way to roll out the red carpet for the character. Good, Neutral or Evil, it's safe to say that 'Spawn' fans will have the opportunity to get to know Mammon in much greater detail over the next several comic book episodes and, of course, the new 'Spawn' game.

The true nature of the relationship between Spawn and Mammon remains ambiguous. Mammon keeps a low profile when he isn't talking with Spawn, preferring to let Spawn act for him. He wears many faces, but usually prefers to exhibit the air of a well-mannered and intelligent gentleman.

We are proud that Todd McFarlane has chosen Namco's game as a place to reveal more about this intriguing character, said Glen Cureton, Producer at Namco Hometek Inc. Fans of 'Spawn' can finally put a name to this mysterious character, who has played, and will continue to play, such an important role in the dark hero's story.