Special edition RTX 3090 Ti might pull 1275W of power

The Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti is likely to be the most power hungry graphics card ever made, but not just the stock version. While the one that ships out of major factories may demand 450W of power and cooling, the Kingpin Special Edition from EVGA is going to ship with 1275W of power inputs, suggesting that if you really want to juice up your GPU for a sub zero run at a 3Dmark record, you'll be able to really give it the beans.

The RTX 3090 Ti is expected to provide a modest boost to existing 3090 CUDA core counts, whilst maintaining high clock speeds, and offering faster memory to boot. The result should be a card that is around 10-15% faster than the existing 3090, and will likely be the fastest Ampere graphics card ever made -- ahead of the Lovelave GPUs slated for an end-of-2022 release window.

The 3090 Ti special edition from EVGA and overclocking legend, Kingpin, however, will be something even more special. It will reportedly sport dual 12pin power connectors, practically demanding a second PSU to run this card full tilt, and will ship with the usual hybrid cooling solution (but with a triple fan radiator) which means this card will have some serious power and thermal demands that most systems will not be able to handle.

Still, you won't have to use all of that 1275W potential on everyday runs. Chances are this card will pull in excess of 500W at its default, overclocked clocks, but if you really want to push it with liquid nitrogen and extreme power, then you'll be able to do so better with this card than any other.

Look out for its announcement in the coming days with a no-doubt eye-watering price tag too.

Image source: Vince Lucido (Kingpin) via Facebook.

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