Star Wars: Battlefront 2 trailer may have leaked early

An alleged trailer for a new Star Wars: Battlefront game has been leaked online, giving a look at a potential protagonist, the game's setting and some of the action we can expect from it. It's not been officially endorsed and could theoretically be a very well made fan-trailer, but it seems unlikely considering the high production value.

bf2 from TheSpicinberg on Vimeo.

The game claims to allow fans to battle across multiple eras of Star Wars' history, from the pre-movie universe, right through to its aftermath, with various sith lords and agents to fight with and against, a number of different vehicles and mount options, as well as a wide selection of environments and settings.

The trailer in question looks to come from a PlayStation 4 version of the game, and we're told it uses "in engine" footage, so a beautified version of what the final game will be. Still, it looks great and there are a lot of appearances of classic characters - even a Yoda hand shows up holding a lightsaber off screen at one point.

As exciting as the game looks though, the last Battlefront received middling ratings. Players felt the gameplay was repetitive and though it looked amazing, there wasn't anything that ground breaking about the game.

Would you be excited about a sequel?

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