Star Wars Next-Gen First Details

Star Wars Next-Gen First Details Star Wars Next-Gen First Details

Lucasarts has released some teaser information on its upcoming next-generation Star Wars effort. The details are scarce but MegaGames have secured some concept art and some basic information on what Star Wars fans can expect. The developer also released some prerendered footage which has nothing to do with the technology behind the game... but we'll let them explain.

What is this video anyway?
This series of Force-power displays was created for internal use at LucasArts as a target for what the first Star Wars game created exclusively for next-gen consoles should play like. It was not originally intended for distribution outside of LucasArts, but we liked it so much, we just had to share it.

Is this in-game footage?
This is not in-game footage. Again, it was created for internal use within LucasArts as a standard to aim for. However, the team is well on its way to making the final product look as good as - maybe even better than - what you see in the video.

Is this a tech demo?
Though it has been identified as a "tech demo" by some sources, this video is purely prerendered footage and is not demonstrating any technology in and of itself. At E3, however, it did set the stage for a behind-closed-doors tech demo of Pixelux's Digital Molecular Matter, NaturalMotion's euphoria, and examples of how LucasArts is collaborating with Industrial Light & Magic.

Are the characters in the video the actual characters who will be in the final game?
Not necessarily. Final character design is still being finalized.

What is this game called, and when will it be released?
The name and release date of the next-generation Star Wars game this was prepared for have not yet been announced. Stay tuned within the coming months for an official announcement.

Is this a new Jedi Knight game? Or a new Knights of the Old Republic, perhaps?
This next-gen Star Wars game represents the first entry into a new series of Star Wars titles.

What can you tell us about the game itself?
Just that it takes place between Episodes III and IV and places a strong emphasis on unleashing the Force.

Why are Jedi using Force lighting?
This will all make sense as you learn more about the game…