XBox 360 Spotted in the Wild

XBox 360 Spotted in the Wild

A story that started as an innocent rant on a gaming related board has revealed that there are working XBox 360 consoles already "out there" being tested by Microsoft employees.

In what appears to be a boasting story turned bad, a young man started a topic in a web forum claiming that he already had Microsoft's new console at home. When other users started the usual mocking through the same forum, the user decided to shut a few mouths by releasing a set of images of himself enjoying an x360 session. In the images what looks like an XBox 360 Frankenstein, wires hanging out, console is being used to run Halo 2. Apparently the creator of the images is the step son of a Microsoft employee, a Regulatory Compliance Manager, who is currently hardware testing the Xbox 360.

Now if Microsoft was not sure where the leak came from and if the job title is not enough information, the young man enjoying the console in the comfort of his own floor, also included himself in the images; after all how can you fire someone if you are not sure of who they are.

Although his fate and that of his father seem rather grim, we can find some comfort in the fact that they sacrificed themselves so that we could see an XBox 360 connected to a 10 inch screen running Halo 2. Still some information could be gleaned from the young man's post on the forum which claims that the power supply is external and enormous while the user interface (dashboard) and controller were praised for their efficient design.

The moral of this story is that if you have a console and no games life gets so boring you are bound to do something stupid.
We really wonder what will happen now that game developers know that a lonely kid in the U.S. has an x360; won't they be wondering what happened to theirs? Last we heard the beta SDKs had been sent out but they didn't include the actual console but rather Macs with an R500 attached.