You can now buy a curved e-ink monitor

You can now buy a curved e-ink monitor

The world’s first curved e-ink monitors have gone on sale from the Japanese SKT Corporation. The Dasung 53U-F and 253U-NF are a pair of 25.3-inch displays with 3200 x 1800 pixel resolutions, and a very slight curve of 4000R. There’s only a slight difference between the two monitors, which is reflected in the small price difference between the two. However, don’t think this makes the Dasung 253U-NF a more affordable model, as both of these are very pricey products indeed.

Ultimately, take away the curve and these monitors are basically Dasung’s Paperlike 253 from 2021. The specs are basically the same, with the older monitor just having a flat screen rather than a slight curve, so if you’re an e-ink monitor enthusiast, and already own the Paperlike 253, this might not be a particularly strong upgrade.

As mentioned, both monitors have a 3200 x 1800 resolution and a 25.3-inch sized panel. Connection-wise, you get HDMI, Display Port, one USB-C port, three USB-A ports, an in-port for USB-B, a 3.5mm audio port, and a speaker. They’re both made from an aluminum alloy, and both come with an adjustable stand, with a standard 100x100 VESA mount so you can use your own stand or mount should you wish.

So far, everything between the two models is exactly the same, so what sets the cheaper model apart from the more expensive? The answer is a front light: the 53U-F has a built-in front light, while the 53U-NF does not. So if you’re planning on opting for the NF model, make sure you have some good ambient light, because it won’t be offering any.

Not that there’s much financial reason to buy the NF over the F anyway. Omitting the front light will save you $100, but considering that still lands the Dasung 253U-NF at $1,698 it’s hardly much of a percentage shift. When you’re spending almost $2,000 on a monitor, you might as well spend $100 extra and get the model with the built-in front light.

Prospective customers in the U.S. can grab these from the Dasung U.S. online store, with shipping starting at a very reasonable $3.