You can now order a Steam Deck without pre-ordering

If you've been waiting to order a Steam Deck, rejoice, because they're now back in stock, and in much greater numbers than they have been in the past. Better yet, Valve has caught up with all of the earlier pre-orders, so if you still want a Steam Deck you can now just order one. No waiting required.

When Valve initially launched the Steam Deck in February 2022, it was only available to pre-order. With early pre-orders from late 2021 not arriving until late Spring, it's no surprise that there weren't any new units available for quite some time. However, that's all changed now, as if you want to buy a Steam Deck now, you can just buy one and it should be with you in short order.

All the same models are available, including the most-expensive 512GB version with its carry case and anti-glare screen, but the shipping is the same across all of them. Valve currently has them at 1-2 weeks before shipping, so it should be at most a three week wait when you order one.

Valve also announced today that the long-awaited Steam Deck Dock is now available, making it easy to connect your portable console to your TV, charge it in a move convenient way, and connect a range of wired accessories to your favorite handheld system.

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