Combat: Task Force 121 (+6 Trainer)

Combat: Task Force 121 (+6 Trainer)

Combat: Task Force 121 (+6 Trainer)

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                       f a n a i o n   p r e s e n t s:
          Combat: Task Force 121 (c) GROOVE GAMES *PLUS 6 TRAiNER*
 :                                     :                                      :
      Release date : 05/2005                  Protection : Durex
      Release size : 01 x 05 MB                Game type : FPS
       1. Start our trainer
       2. Start the game
       3. Use a hotkey to activate/deactivate the following options
          [F1]  Unlimited Health
          [F2]  No Reload / Unlimited Ammo
          [F3]  One Hit Kills
          [F4]  Freeze Enemies
          [F5]  Make Checkpoint            (see notes)
          [F6]  Teleport to checkpoint     (see notes)
           [E]  Fly Mode                   (see notes)
           [Z]  Move Up (in fly mode)      (see notes)
           [X]  Move Down (in fly mode)    (see notes)
          [F7]  Back to normal
       IMPORTANT: When using hotkeys, you will hear a beep to confirm that
       an option has been (de)activated.
       Make Checkpoint / Teleport : the game does offer a checkpoint
       system, but you are limited to save checkpoint only at certain
       places. Press F5 to make a checkpoint ANYWHERE, pressing F6
       afterwards will teleport you back to the last checkpoint. Don't
       try to teleport across different maps to avoid crashing.
       Fly Mode : press E to toggle Fly Mode on/off. When in Fly Mode
       you can use Z/X to move up/down. Pressing Z/X while moving
       up/down will cancel the movement and make you float in the air
       (if fly mode is still on). Turning off Fly Mode while you're
       in the air will make you fall down, if you don't have Infinite
       Health on this may kill you. Also don't move up/down THROUGH
       floors/ceilings to avoid being killed.
    We are looking for retail game suppliers, experienced crackers and
    a 100 mbit line for private usage.
    Greetings fly out to our real life friends and known friends in..
                   <anonymous_cracker> An nfo is not an essay
 :     Resort to the unknown                                 FANAiON 2oo5     :

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This is almost always a false alarm.


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