Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour v1.02 (Everything for Nothing)

Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour v1.02 (Everything for Nothing)

Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour v1.02 (Everything for Nothing)

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This trainer requires the C & C: Generals - Zero Hour 1.02 patch (ENG).
If you do not have the patch you can get it from '' or ''
I am not sure if this trainer works on other languages but you can try it.
This trainer simply patches the INIZH.big file making every structure, unit, vehicle
and upgrade you buy take no time to build, use no power and is free.
The good thing about this trainer is that you can play missions and skirmish with it.
The not so good thing about it is that you can not play online or LAN with the trainer
unless the other person has it installed too. I have tried it in LAN and it worked
(the other person had the trainer installed too). But i have not tried it online I am just assuming
it will work.
Any suggestions, ideas or errors/problems e-mail me. If you are going to edit this file contact
me via email for help or permissions.
Uninstall:  Run 'UnE4Nv102.exe'
Uninstall: To uninstall the patch, hopefully when you were installing the patch you should have the checked the check
           box 'Backup the files that will be modified', if this is the case open up your Zero Hour
	   directory in explorer. Open the folder "PatchWise.bak". Copy the file 'INIZH.big'. Go back
           to your Zero Hour directory and paste the file. A prompt may say if you want to overwrite the file
	   if it already exists. Click 'Yes'. Now everything should be back to normal. If you did not
           check the box when you were installing the patch the only thing I can say is to re-install the game.
Website: - to find updates and other things.
Email: - if you do not have a subject that I recognise your e-mail will be deleted.
Author: Svill - G.A.S Bros. Corp.
Trainer: Everything 4 Nothing 4 ZH v1.02 (If you are looking for older versions
             they do not excist. I have just made it for version 1.02 to not cause confusion.
Date: 5/2004
History (Everything 4 Nothing +buildtime +money): Buildings and units required power. (Not any more)
Thank you! Enjoy!

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