Far Cry 3 (+1 Trainer) [dEVIATED]

Far Cry 3 (+1 Trainer) [dEVIATED] Far Cry 3 (+1 Trainer) [dEVIATED] Far Cry 3 (+1 Trainer) [dEVIATED]

Far Cry 3 (+1 Trainer) [dEVIATED]

Text file description:

                    p r o u d l y . p r e s e n t s
                    Far Cry 3 STEAM +1 *PROMO* TRAiNER
  Date ........... 29.11.2012       Releaser ............ STN/Kavvman
  Type ........... TRAiNER          Options  ............ +1 PROMO
  OS   .......... VISTA/WIN 7/WIN 8 Size     ............ TiNY
   Supplier.............. RETAiL/STEAM ORIGINAL VERSION
    r e l e a s e  n o t e s
  This trainer is tested and reported working fine on ORIGINAL version v1.0
  on RETAiL/STEAM platform for the DirectX 11 version. It might work for the
  cracked(RELOADED) release however hasn't been tested for this.
    i n s t a l l  n o t e s
  Please follow all or most of these steps, failure doing so may cause game to
  crash or trainer to not work.
  1.Always run trainer in Administrative mode
  2.Any Security Software such as Antiviruses/Firewalls should be temporarily
  disabled/uninstalled and the trainer added to their exception list. It is
  imperative you both add the trainer to exception list and also disable the AV.
  This is because secuity softwares block the functioning of trainer.
  If disabling AV/adding trainer to exception list doesn't help, please uninstall
  your antivirus/security software completely!.
  3.Sometimes, you may need to run the trainer in compatibility mode, so if it
  doesn't work even with following above steps, try to run it in compatibility
  Because the executable is packed with public packers, your Antivirus may
  flag it as malware based on hueristics, this is FALSE-POSITIVES!.
  Add the trainer to your AV exception list AND then disable the
  antivirus for the trainer to work!.
    t r a i n e r  o p t i o n s
  The trainer must be activated FIRST by pressing the F2 key and then pressing the
  following keys in game. You should hear a beep when trainer activates and the music
  should stop.
    Hotkey             Option
     F2        -        Activate Trainer
     NUMPAD5   -        No Reload          (*PROMO OPTION*)
     F8        -        BACK TO NORMAL
  Full version trainer has many options!.
  Have fun with these and let me know if you encounter any bugs(highly unlikely).
         g r e e t z
  Greetz goes out to iNTANGIBLE, iNVOKE, DeadlyData, genuine, RiSiCO, z0rk for
  this sexiness of nfo, Borgert, DDT, Synopis, veg and everyone who hangs out
  at forums and to everyone that matters to me they know who they are. And
  of course to your favorite team always and forever
  dEViATED!! ;)
  Love *******... :D
      c o n t a c t  u s
  EMAiL: team[dot]dvt[at]live.com (Replace [dot] with . and [at] with @)
  ****.: www.deviatedhacking.com
  HTTP2: www.deviatedtrainers.com
  HTTP3: trainers.deviatedhacking.com
        j o i n  u s
  We are currently looking for
  - [X] Skilled Gamehackers - NOPE, we got enough and you aren't skilled
                             enough probably to join our ranks, our
                             standards are high, sorry.
  - TESTERS/BETA TESTERS    - People who can be active and usually have
                             wide variety of games will be preferred.
   - GFX'ers/Logos          - If you are good in gfx and can make nice logos
                              please contact us
  - ASCII Artists
  - RANTers, those who can rant just about everything in life!
  - HOT BABES! Do i need to tell why, freak ?. No Psychos though!
  - Or anyway you think you can help us, contact us right away!
         nfo layout

File information

Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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