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You've heard the details of Hideo Kojima's new Metal Gear Solid title for the PS3 and you've read about the positive buzz the game created at TGS. Now you can make up your own mind about the almost nine minutes of footage from MGS 4: Guns of the Patriots.

The video contains some impressive footage which the trailer claims means we should: Forget Pre-Rendered Stuff. Strangely enough the initial segment of the Tokyo Game Show trailer is in FPS mode suggesting that it may have been created by the game engine but definitely is not in-game footage. Still the video goes on to challenge an entire genre by claiming: This is no FPS, This is MGS.

One other feature of the MGS 4 trailer, a rather more insidious one, is the inclusion of references to the Cell processor. The trailer is used by Mr. Kojima as a platform to express his belief that the Cell design is the main advantage of the PS3.

The success of this video at TGS was so significant that it caused Microsoft to react in order to alleviate its impact on public opinion. Peter Moore, corporate VP of worldwide marketing and publishing for Xbox said; Cell processor or not, when I look at the technical specs, I don't see anything that concerns me overly from a performance point of view...

All corny dialogue and politically incorrect messages about smoking aside, the MGS trailer showcases some impressive visuals which are on a par with the Killzone 2 trailer shown at E3, 2005. We just hope that the footage in this trailer is at least in-engine and a faithful representation of what gamers will get once the console is released.

To view the movie follow the download tab above.

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