Virtual Villagers: The Secret City - Building the big green blue statue


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Building the big green blue statue:
To build the big green blue statue, must purchase Leadership and Restoration.

Chief's Duties:
The Chief once created can:

Procreate - all the males but the chief died and he was able to create offspring.

Gather Herbs - he can gather herbs for alchemy potions.

Heal All - Males and females who are sick can be healed by the chief if ill without procreating.

Clam key:
You will need to have solved Puzzle 9 the big statue. Once the statue is completed, a pearl will appear not the key. Have a Master Builder pick up the pearl. He or she will take it to the waterfall to be "finished". Then, have the tribal chief pick up the finished blue pearl. The chief will use the pearl to get the key from the giant clam.

Double tech points and food:
When collecting items turtle shells, corals, tablets, and feathers, if you already have collected that item you will earn tech points. Mushrooms are food red is more food than brown. You can double your profits by placing two children on the same item. If done fast enough you will end up with two of the same item. This is useful when you are running low on food.

Faster events:
The time in the game runs is based on your computer's clock. It is possible to shorten things by setting the clock ahead and then going back. Be careful though, sometimes people will die over this time.

Finding respawned objects:
When your adults are collecting objects keys, firewood, etc., they may drop them if interrupted by a celebration or if you click on them. The item will then respawn to where it was originally found.

Gathering herbs:
While gathering herbs for alchemy, children of almost any age can gather herbs for the potions. However, they cannot make the potions.

Gem key:
Keep lighting the fire. You will notice sparkles around the fire. Let it burn out and the key should appear. However, it is too hot to pick up. Go to the waterfalls where the villagers get a drink and drop them there. The key must be there in order to do this. The villagers action will be "Putting water on the firepit". Keep doing until it has cooled.

Your villagers will "see" the following herbs when you fly them over.

The Cactus is located just above the Science area.
The Black Orchid is on the edge of the grassy area below the orchard.
The Rose is located on the right edge of the orchard, below the hanging object.
The Lotus is to the left of the stairs near the bath.
The Tiger Lily is partway up the path to the door orange flower on right.
The Berry Magic or Pitcher Plant Nature is located to the left of the alchemy lab, where the kids go when nature calls. These plants only appear when you have purchased level 2 in your faction.

The lift is useful for placing an adult and allowing you to find them in the same place a few seconds later. You can use this to get the couples you want to have babies. Other places where villagers linger are the waterfalls and bath when completed.

Pink diamond key:
You will need to have solved Puzzle 3. Collect the following herbs for a potion: Cactus, Rose, Lotus. Make the potion and have a villager other than a nursing mother drink it. That villager should feel "light and springy". Drop them near the pink diamond the hanging object just above the rose plant. Their action should read "Trying to reach the key". They will jump up and collect the key.

To solve all the puzzles, use the following steps.

Before starting with the puzzles do following things:

Plant the seed that you find near the broken lift see-saw like object. Just take a villager and drop it on the seed to plant it.
Light the fire at the fireplace in the village center. You can find wood near the left shore of the ocean and dry grass near the waterfalls left of the amphitheatre.
Know the herbs. They are six of them. Five are present since the start of game and the sixth the magic herb appears once you reach the level 2 of Naturalist/Magician noted in the tech. The herbs are as follows.

Lotus: Located near the Ancient Bath.
Black Orchid: Located next to the Roster Of The Dead.
Rose Plant: Located by the high fruit tree and the lift in the Orchard.
Tiger Lily: Located on the path to the door.
Cactus: Located to the right of the Research Lab.
Magic Herb: Either the Pitcher or the Berry Plant; located to the left of the Alchemy Lab.

The puzzles are in the following order:

Puzzle 1 Puzzle 2 Puzzle 3 Puzzle 4
Puzzle 5 Puzzle 6 Puzzle 7 Puzzle 8
Puzzle 9 Puzzle 10 Puzzle 11 Puzzle 12
Puzzle 13 Puzzle 14 Puzzle 15 Puzzle 16

Puzzle 1 - The First Tribal Chief: Let all your villagers one by one try on the golden cloth at the amphitheatre near the fallen statue. The robe will fit on the one that will be the first tribal chief.
Puzzle 2 - The Bee Hive: Before this puzzle, a fire should be lit in the village centre. Put one of your villagers at the burnt torches below the hive. It will pick up the torch and light it from the fireplace then take it to the hive to remove the bees. You can enjoy honey after this happens. However, honey is limited.
Puzzle 3 - The Alchemy Lab: This requires an Adept Scientist. This is the place just left of the research place. You will see round broken table here. To restore it you must take five objects back to this place. The objects are scattered in the village. They can be hidden anywhere but are very distinct. The objects are a mud pot, a blue bowl with spoons kept in it, a small striped Pink Pot, a large striped blue pot, and a knife. Once all objects are placed back you can prepare different recipes. Note: Only an adept scientist can collect these objects and automatically place it at the alchemy lab.
Puzzle 4 - The Roster Of Dead: Fly a villager to the right-most end of the empty ground just below the mud place orchard. You will find something covered with leaves. Allow your villager to remove the leaves. You can now bury the dead here.
Puzzle 5 - Weather Dancing: You will need level 2 Leadership, a Tribal Chief, and three Adept Farmers. First, drop the chief on your lit fire. He or she will begin weather dancing. Then, drop the farmers on the fire and they will join in. You will know they are successful when sparkles appear over their heads and under their feet.
Puzzle 6 - The Lift: This requires level 1 Restoration. In the mud place you will see a broken see-saw type of object. Let three of your builders work simultaneously on the broken object. They will fix it.
Puzzle 7 - The Ruins: This requires level 2 Restoration. Scroll down the village until you see a broken bath tub. In that area you will find a pile of stones. Place a villager on it will and they will start removing the stones. Once removed you will find the hidden cave.
Puzzle 8 - The Ancient Bath: This requires level 2 Restoration and Master Builders. Put the Master Builders in the Alchemy Lab near the chalkboard. It will draw something on it. After that, put the builders on the broken bathtub. They will start repairing it.
Puzzle 9 - The Statue: This requires level 3 Restoration, Tribal Chief, and Master Builder. Put the Master Builder near the standing half of the statue on the route to the locked door. Just fly it over that area where it says that it is a nice place to anchor the statue. Put the villagers at that location. It will prepare to anchor the broken statue. Immediately also put the Tribal Chief at that location. Then, put as many builders possible near the fallen statue. The more builders, the sooner they will anchor the fallen piece. During this time do not disturb the Tribal Chief or the builders will become distracted.
Puzzle 10 - The Orchard: This requires Puzzle 3 to be solved. To complete this puzzle you must plant three seeds at the orchard the mud place. One seed is present at the start of the game. For the others you must wait for the rain. When it rains, put a villager on the flat end of the lift. As the water fills the other end the flat end will rise. As it rises fully a seed will fall. Put the villager over the seed. It will plant it same way as the first one. Do the same thing for the third seed. After a tree grows from the all three seeds the puzzle will be solved.
Puzzle 11 - The Sharks: Requires Level 2 Alchemy and Level 2 Natural/Magic Faction. Create a potion using one Pitcher/Berry Plant, two Rose Plant. You can tell a potion is correct when there is a sparkle emerging in the steam from the cauldron. Place a Villager on the alchemy pot and they will take a vile of the potion to the sea. The potion tames the sharks and allows you to fish in the ocean without danger. Fishing is an unlimited food source.
Puzzle 12 - Aromatherapy: You will need to have completed Puzzle 8, have level 3 Medicine, and a Master Doctor. Drop your Master Doctor in the completed bath. He or she will fill the bowls around the bath with Lotus plants doing aromatherapy. Then, drop a Master Doctor on the fire to light the burners and finish the puzzle.
Puzzle 13 - The Ash Key: Keep burning the fire at the village center. After one or two re-firings, a sparkle thing will appear on the burning fire. Wait for fire to get over. Once it gets over you will see the diamond. It is hot. To cool it, put a villager near the waterfall. They will bring water and pour it on the diamond. Repeat this five or six times. Once it has cooled, put the Tribal Chief on the diamond. It will carry it to the locked door.
Puzzle 14 - The Cliff Key the diamond key: Prepare a potion with Cactus, Rose Plant and Lotus. Let a villager drink it. They will feel light and springy. Place it near the rose plant, to the left of it. It will retrieve the key.
Puzzle 15 - The Clam Key: This requires Puzzle 9 to have been completed, a Master Builder, and Tribal Chief. Once the statue is built, you will find a white sparkling object below it. Let your Master Builder collect it. He will take it near the waterfall and carve a pearl out of it. Put your tribal chief on the pearl to finish it and mount it on the locked door.
Puzzle 16 - The Chief And The Princess: Once the locked door is opened you will see a flat blue plate inside the room. Put your Tribal Chief on that plate. The souls will appear. Putting the chief on the souls will retrieve the story of this ruined ISOLA.

Plant your first seed immediately. Do this by dropping an adult villager but not a nursing mom on the seed near the lift. That seed may be a mango, papaya, or banana.

Tablet pieces:
The collectible tablet pieces will begin to appear near the rubble when the rubble clearing project has gotten started with at least 2.

Unlimited honey:
If one of your villagers likes to run, have that villager smoke the hive. By doing this, the bees will stay and you will have never-ending honey.

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