Urban Ops


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his is a public beta test - all problems experienced after installing his patch should be sent to : uopatchbugs@redstorm.com
What's New:
Added a game option that lets you set a preferred action display mode (Complete Action Bar, Map and Ammo Only, No Action Bar). This is default display mode used when you first enter the action phase.
Fixed C4 to no longer be an obstacle to movement.
Added a new option to RSConfig that allows you to hide the desktop when switching game modes. A full-screen black window was added in Urban Operations to hide the desktop on some video cards when switching graphics modes. This was causing some issues (either appearing as a memory leak, or a crash when starting the action). We believe we
have fixed these issues, but just in case you may toggle this option. By default it is turned off.
Fixed the soundvol entry for the AW Covert so it is properly silenced.
Fixed the muzzle flash on the AW Covert to be the proper size.
Surrendered terrorists and hostages will no longer look around. Since the terrorist look-around motion looks like they have a gun, this should help prevent panic among players when surrendered terrorists look like they pull out a gun.
Fixed the texture on the MP5K to eliminate holes.

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