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The idea is based on the original "Snake"-concept: The player controls a snake that moves around the playfield with constant speed. The player is supposed to pick up powerups lying around the playfield by hitting them with the snake's head, and each time the snake's length is extended. The second goal is to avoid hitting your own body (the snake itself) or the walls. This game featured a 2D overhead view of the entire playfield, thus giving the player opportunities to make strategic choices where to stack up the snake's body.

In short: Snok is a 1st person view, multiplayer full 3D version of the old Snake-game. The primary goal is to gain more length by gathering powerups and extending the Snok. In addition to this, several game features are added to the multiplayer part to achieve more exciting competition (see Game Features). In the old snakegames, the player could only make 90-degree turns, but in Snok the player will be able to turn at any degree.

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