Maelstorm - New Details

Maelstorm - New Details Maelstorm - New Details Maelstorm - New Details Maelstorm - New Details

Codemasters have revealed further details on Maelstorm, their strategy action epic from KDV Games, creators of the RTS 'Perimeter'.

Maelstrom takes place on a devastated future Earth where, in the wake of an apocalyptic ecological disaster, the planet is threatened by an alien invasion.

In this savaged world, water has become the most valuable of resources and divided the remaining humans into two factions. Now, they must wage war against the invaders and each other in a desperate struggle for supremacy and survival.

Depending on which of the three factions you choose to fight for, it's all-out destructive war as the factions battle for control of the entire planet.


In the era known as the Maelstrom, the Remnants are the only group that stands in the way of total corporate domination. They are a patchwork menagerie of former military personnel, police officers and average people who are in search of a fresh start. Led by former US Naval officer James Buchanan, the Remnants have fallen in under his command as the last defense of humanity. Some would say the Remnants were always being formed in Buchanan's mind, others would say the nuclear devastation was the birth of them. Either way, they have become the key faction to oppose the despotic and ruthless control of Arlan Khan and the Ascension. The Remnants spend their days foraging and repairing their damaged and antiquated weapons and armor. Ever at the ready for an Ascension attack, the Remnants sleep with one eye open and lie in wait like a lioness in the tall grass.

Current Influence

Average people from all walks of life have banded together with all that they can find, salvage and make, in an attempt at rebuilding. Their leaders have mustered every able-bodied person willing to fight for a better life into the ranks of the Remnants. Their weapons and armor are often a loose amalgamation of various parts and bits salvaged from the scorched rubble remains of once major cities, but don't let it fool you. The Remnants are physically and emotionally driven to win back their way of life, to rebuild humanity as it once was. Guerrilla tactics, sneak attacks, blazing fast offensives and brilliant tactics are the calling card of this faction.


James Buchanan
As a young man Buchanan found great success in the Navy and quickly involved himself in SEAL training. He quickly gained a reputation for his outspoken views against corporate power and decreasing military funding. After his time with the SEALS he moved to a post in the North Pacific commanding the USS Tiger. Buchanan decided to take an old friend Marcus O'Neil as his Executive Officer. The two were involved in a skirmish near Alaska between Ascension forces and US Military in the late 2030's. Because of the dubious nature of the skirmish, Buchanan was soon assigned to a desk job. When the cataclysmic events of the Maelstrom took place in 2042 Buchanan gathered any remaining forces he could find and fortified himself at Twenty Nine Palms, a former Marine base in the California Desert. It is here that Buchanan gave the famous speech dubbing the group "The Remnants of a Great People." The name stuck. Now, they've come together as a rag-tag group of people driven by one word - freedom. As the commander of the Remnants, Buchanan plays a large role as both the brains of the operation and the field commander.

Marcus O'Neil
As a troubled youth spending most of his time in Juvenile Detention centers in Brooklyn, New York, Marcus O'Neil had no one and nowhere to turn upon his release. He marched himself into the Navy recruitment office and signed up to fight the terrorist threat. Marcus immediately involved himself with SEAL training and took to it well. This is where he met James Buchanan and their friendship grew over the years. Marcus came to look at Buchanan as more than just a teacher, but as a father figure as well. When Marcus got the call to Twenty Nine Palms, he dropped everything and headed straight for his mentor's fortress to take his seat as his right hand man. Today Marcus stands poised to take command of the Remnants should Buchanan ever step down or worse, fall in battle. Marcus can be trusted to handle any situation and like the other heroes, will level up, attain abilities, and become a more seasoned soldier.

Sasha Antonova
Sasha is the only daughter of Arkady Antonova, the infamous Russian Mafia crime boss. Since early on Sasha has worked to hone her skills of persuasion and intellect. After a family incident, Sasha was sent to America to marry a distant cousin who oversaw the American branch of the Antonova family business. Over time, Sasha used her wiles to soften her husband from a ruthless thug into putty as she pulled the strings and began her control of the Antonova interests in the US. When the Nuclear strikes had stopped and the survivors reared their heads, Sasha saw an opportunity for survival and power, she formed a group of bandits. Instead of creating an attack force against the bandits, James Buchanan, the Remnant leader, called for a ceasefire. Sasha met with him and after a discussion of peace; they decided to join forces against Ascension. Sasha represents a powerful ally to the Remnant forces. Her marauders are skilled in guerilla warfare and high speed tactics. Their attacks and harassing nature can cripple the supply lines of the Ascension.


The Ascension is the strongest corporate entity in the world of Maelstrom. When Ascension Industries first began, it was one of the most lean, mean businesses around, leaving hundreds of companies torn and destroyed in its wake. With their leader Arlan Khan at the head of the company, Ascension quickly rose to the top. Then the Maelstrom hit. Earth was plunged into an apocalyptic time of ecological disaster, global warfare and the meltdown of human civilization. Sensing the incredible danger, Arlan pooled all of his energies and assets into his great army. The only creed which Ascension kneels to is science, their faith in technology. Arlan planned his success by creating cryogenic and transforming weaponry, cloning super-soldiers and a whole slew of other technological feats that would insure their supremacy. With his son Maximilian as his strong right hand, and the brilliant Dr. Kie Fujishima at his side, Arlan Khan has brought all other corporations to their knees.

Current Influence

The Ascension represents a culmination of corporate development that has occurred over the last few decades. Their harsh business policy and insatiable thirst for power has led them to the top. Their technologically advanced military forces allow them the upper hand in almost any situation, especially when fighting the antiquated weaponry of the Remnants.


Arlan Khan
The leader of the Ascension. He began his own company specializing in bio-engineering with the goal of making the world a better place. Ascension quickly became the supplier for many nation-state defenses. Arlan built several underground bunkers and stockpiled supplies as he awaited the coming of the Maelstrom. When the Maelstrom arrived, Arlan brought Ascension underground to await the coming of a new dawn. After the Maelstrom had come and gone, Ascension resurfaced and began to rebuild. Their advanced technology allowed them total domination over anyone who was left.
Arlan plays a very direct role in the story, but he is rarely seen outside of Ascension buildings. He prefers to send his son Maximilian out to handle any military actions. Arlan is the brains of the operation and views his "perfect" son Maximilian as the brawn. He is committed to bringing civilization back in his own form, the Ascension way, and will do anything to assure its fruition

Maximilian Khan
The champion of the mighty Ascension army, as well as the right hand and son of Arlan Khan. Much of Maximilian's past is shrouded in secrecy, not only to outsiders but to Maximilian himself. He wants nothing more out of life than to see his father proud of him, and to live up to all the expectations he has of him. Maximilian would never betray his father, but he does not share his father's hatred and disdain of those considered a "lesser breed." He feels that the Ascension is indeed the best chance civilization has of being rebuilt, but he will not sacrifice his humanity for the sake of Ascension domination. Maximilian hopes the factions will realize their war is fruitless, therefore calling a truce and working together to rebuild human civilization. He plays a large role, being the field commander of Ascension forces; he is deployed by his father, Arlan, often.
Maximilian will gain levels and unlock new abilities as he fights and destroys his enemies.

Dr. Kie Fujishima
The brilliant scientist behind most of Ascension's advanced technology and weapons.
Arlan Khan was the first man who could challenge Kie on an intellectual level, which both thrilled and intimidated her. Over the years, Kie has become something of a personal researcher for Arlan. She is in charge of his most confidential projects. Most notably, Kie was put in charge of "Project Beta," for which details are still unknown. Kie doesn't play too much of a direct role, but prefers to stay hidden away in her laboratory where she can continue her work, safe from the outside.


The Hai-Genti are a species of creatures from a distant star system, known to us on Earth as Proxima Centauri. Their civilization was developed thousands of years before humankind had developed language or culture, yet it paralleled the growth of humanity. Growing and advancing in technologies, the Hai-Genti quickly came to a "golden age" in their civilization. But this apex came with a cost - they had destroyed the delicate ecology of their homeworld and were quickly headed towards disaster. Only a few of the Hai-Genti realized the impending doom the race would encounter if they did not change their ways. A civil war was waged, those in favor of saving the planet and those who cared for nothing other than power and domination. The former won out and the Hai-Genti began bio-engineering everything they could in an attempt to save their homeworld. Despite their best efforts they were forced to find somewhere new to settle down, and they've found the perfect spot - Earth.

Current Influence

The Hai-Genti are a species of totally synthetically altered, bio-engineered creatures. Everything the Hai-Genti carry into battle has been grown through scientific research and technology. They are driven by one single desire - the will to survive. Their battle tactics revolve around their aquatic needs and they will often attempt to flood the land in order to gain the advantage. Their bio-weapons give them a leg up in their environmental conquest, often using the native flora and fauna to their advantage. The Hai-Genti view humans as lesser beings and treat them like insects awaiting extermination. A complete bio-engineered superpower, the Hai-Genti intend on taking the Earth one way or another.


The Overseer
The Overseer is the all-powerful, all-controlling central intelligence behind the Hai-Genti invasion forces. With the impending doom of their world, the Hai-Genti began bio-engineering everything - including themselves. The Overseer was the first bio-engineered computer developed to help with the engineering of other creatures. The Overseer is a large mound of translucent brain tissue constantly pulsing with bio-processing fluids. The Overseer was able to crack the genetic code for psionic ability which allowed for it to be programmed into all Hai-Genti. Now that the Hai-Genti were fully psionic, the Overseer was connected to all of them, creating a hive-mind mentality amongst them. The Overseers are not immortal, but in a sense they are impervious to time. As each Overseer nears the end of its natural life, it uploads its consciousness into a new Overseer. It is this way that Overseers attain wisdom and memories of the ages. The Overseer is mainly a hidden asset used by the Hai-Genti, as it is rarely found outside of its protective shelter.

Once a scientist for the Hai-Genti on their homeworld. It was Mammon who was the first to realize the danger on the Hai-Genti homeworld. Mammon and his group of intellects attempted to warn their people of the impending doom. The warlord Auriga controlled more than one fourth of the entire Hai-Genti homeworld and distrusted Mammon and his efforts. Mammon's forces met Auriga's troops in battle on many occasions as the brutal civil broke out. The war was long and many lives were lost, but Auriga was defeated. He was then forced to join with Mammon in a race against the clock to find a way to save their planet. Mammon initiated a "rebirth" of the Hai-Genti race as a last ditch effort. Mammon initiated a complete biologically engineered society for the Hai-Genti. When the time came to leave their home planet, Mammon willingly uploaded his mind into the psychic buffers aboard the ship Caucus.

Once a mighty warlord on the Hai-Genti homeworld. A cruel and malicious dictator, he controlled more than one fourth of the planet. Auriga's bloodlust and wanton carnage made him a feared leader and an even fiercer opponent. When Mammon and his forces came to Auriga he immediately pushed them back with his massive army. Auriga's actions set the rest of the planet against him. Auriga's army was finally subdued, and he was faced with a choice - give up or die. Auriga chose to give up and join the others; however he made a promise to himself - He vowed that he would one day kill Mammon for his transgressions against him, even if it took a thousand years. When the time came to evacuate the planet, like Mammon, Auriga uploaded his mind to the psychic buffers on the Caucus and they set out on their way to a new home. For centuries Auriga's psyche sat, stewing in his own greed and anger - waiting for the chance to kill Mammon.