Premier Manager '98


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1 Fix, 1 Cheat available for Premier Manager '98, see below

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if u win the first league with cardiff city u will be put into the super league in matter of weeks i done it and thats how i found out so y dont u do it 4 yourself go on try it

Easy victory:Press L1 L2 X Down to start a match instead of simply pressing X. You should be able to score easier during the match.

Free bosman:When trying to buy a free bosman, if they do not accept, try it about three to five times Note: This works with most players.

p contract renewal:When you need to renew your contracts, go to contracts, click on the player to renew, increase his wage by 50, and then add on ten yea

if you want a good luck streak put match length on instant and don't look at there team i have tried it and i lost 6 : 2 also if you want good luck always put sir infront of your name at the start

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