PS Vita Top Ten Sells Less Than One Million Copies

PS Vita Slump

PlayStation Vita sales in Japan are showing little sign of growth, with the top ten biggest games on the platform selling less than a million units in 2012 so far.

This is bad news for the Vita, which has only really sold in any number in Japan. Elsewhere in the world, the aging PSP often outsells it. Despite this, so far in 2012, the Japanese market has bought just 790,000 of the handheld devices, with the biggest selling game Persona 4 The Golden, only managing to sell 188,000 copies. Coming in second place was Hot Shots Golf 6, pushing a rather poor 119,00 units.

For titles that might be a bit more recognisable to Western audiences, you need to look to third place, where Uncharted Golden Abyss was bought by just under 90,000 customers. Dynasty Warriors Next appeared in fifth place at just short of 75,000 copies.

Despite this poor turnout, Sony is purportedly remaining positive, suggesting that fans look to August, where it believes the release of games like Hatsune Miku (a basic rhythm game featuring songs from the digital pop singer) will really turn things around. It also promises that in September there will be big developments for the platform.

I don't think anyone's holding their breath.

Numbers: Andriasang

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They have 10 games?

I got a Vita not too long after they came out after reading that it was supposed to have a fairly large catalog of games on release. I don't know if it's much different in Japan, but in Australia we have about half a dozen games that are readily available in stores, with only half of them being barely worth what they cost.

If you take into account that there are quite a few PSP and PS Mini games available, then the catalog isn't too bad, but I was expecting much greater things. As far as I'm concerned I have a very expensive PSP emulator, which is capable of far more than what we've seen so far.

The only other thing the Vita has going for it would be the modding community and custom firmware. As Sony would know, the modding community was, and still is fairly huge for the PSP, but they've done pretty well so far to stamp that out of their firmware too. After all, with only a handful of reasonable games, who could afford to have everyone pirate them?

Reasoning FAIL

There has been another article explaining that phones/tablets are only in the indie/casual games market, hardcore gaming is still placed on PC and consoles... PSVita is failing because the paranoid security + memory price + proprietary memory + the PSP being such a good console...

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