Kickstarter for Commander Keen Spiritual Sequel Launches

Commander Keen

If Kickstarter has taught us one thing, it's that even if you take a much loved IP and aim to do a remake, a reboot or a re-imagining, you still may not reach your goal - just look at the . However this hasn't stopped id Software founder Tom Hall from starting a new Kickstarter for a "spiritual successor," to Commander Keen, the early 90s platformer that helped put him on the map.

How much is he looking for, you may ask? Well it's not insubstantial. He adds the caveat that for the $400,000 he'll also be making a platforming level editor called "Worlds of Wander" which will make it very easy for other developers to and indie homebrew game makers to put together their own platformers. But still, $400,000? For a Commander Keen platformer?

As with several other seemingly overpriced Kickstarter pitches, this one comes with a slew of high production values. There's the expected high quality, professional but humorous video that looks like it had a few thousand dollars put into it already. On top of that you have pretty artwork and the sort of things that seem like traditionally, before Kickstarter, would have been put into the development of this game and tool while they were worked on in the background.

I really can't help but feel Kickstarter is being used by big names now when traditionally, they'd just have figured out a way to fund it themselves.

What do you guys think?

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Kickstarter is such a piece of ****, Obama greedy, worthless people begging for money site, it should be shut down for being gay.

A new and retro remake of

A new and retro remake of Keen would not cost more than 100k period, I could do it with a team for even less, way less. This guy needs to change his tone. One project per kickstart, not trying to sell a SDK with a game that almost has nothing to do with the SDK. Like we need more GameMakers software. Guy needs to get a job. -captcha "perfect world"

Its up to the people...

If people are happy to back (or basically pre-order) any sort of game then it is up to them. Personally I would like to see kickstarter kept for the teams of two pals from college with no money to speak of, who actually need the help. But if big companies can start getting money in for basically announsing a game, then more and more will be jumping onto kickstarter.

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