Cliff Blezinski Claims Games Industry In Turmoil


Former top man at Epic Games and brainchild of Gears or War, Cliff Blezinski, has spoken out in an interview about the current state of the industry that he pseudo-retired from. According to him, it's in "turmoil," the worst since the 1980s video game crash and that ultimately, he'll wait until the dust has settled before rejoining it.

The main problem he says, lies in the fact that all the main console makers use closed platforms. "I think Nintendo could possibly be faced with the situation of becoming a company that only makes software moving forward. I think Sony and Microsoft are about to come to major blows. But at the same time, people love playing games on their iPad. The PC is going through a wonderful renaissance right now. I think we're ready to do digital download games all the time."

One of the big advantages of the PC over the past few years, has been with the frequency of which patches, DLC and updates are released. Current-gen consoles have huge lead in times for developers that want to fix a bug or flaw, as well as large monetary costs - meaning smaller developers rarely if ever update their games. This needs to be fixed in the future Blezinski says.

"When Gears of War 2 launched and we found out that our netcode wasn't working right, it took us three months to get an update out," Bleszinski said. "By that time, the majority of users had moved on to the next game or had traded it in... All that red tape needs to be stripped away in order to create an ecosystem to allow for a product like Minecraft to actually happen on a console."

He also wants to see mods added as a feature for consoles, something that has been a staple of PC gaming for years.

We know a fair bit about Sony's next generation PlayStation 4 and what it'll offer, but with regards to this sort of red tape, it's unclear. Do you guys think it'll become easier to update and mod games on the next-gen of consoles, or will it continue with the closed system we have today?

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One, the "video game crash of the 80s" arrived because of lack of quality/content control in a mass production home entertainment systems. When you sell stuff to millions of people, you better be sure about the quality of what you are selling because before you know it, your games and the company behind the hardware get bad reputation, which leads to a lot of angry people from the end consumer to the prime producer of the hardware they bought. This is one of the reasons why Nintendo came up with its royal scam and seal of approval. The same thing for today with one note. They actually did it right this time. Here is the deal, you want to make games for my machine, fine. However, know this, you better work it out as much as possible before release because if you give my company a bad reputation with bugged software, Im going to make you pay for your errors. Its that simple and it actually works. Two, consoles will always be closed systems because they are not your personal computer and thats not their business. It evades a number of problems in terms of economics, one of them being piracy, another is that they dont want people playing around with their hardware and operating systems to do things they shouldnt outside of what they actually sell you. They dont want hundreds of consoles coming in every month to be repaired be it because of a bugged OS or hardware. You are a console user, just dont open anything in it except the cd drive and etc. If I want to sell you an emulator for my system I will, if not, you are breaking my warranty and my business model. There are other issues as well but Im not going through that because I do not get paid. Three, only making software moving forward, major blows but people with Ipads play games, rena what and digital distribution... This makes little or no sense at all with such few words and in that order. Totally insane if you ask me. Which you did. Four, there are no quotes in the third paragraph. Patches, downloads and updates. What is what for him? Is a patch an update, is the dlc a patch? He then goes on to actually use two words of the same meaning, again, bugs or flaws. Totally clear Biffyb. This does not have to change because of the reasons I mentioned a few lines up and no, no, and no again. Five, when gears launched their should have been no problems with thine netcode. There is something called beta testing and since you didnt learn the lesson, pay for giving my company bad reputation. As I said, PC users are open for no red tapes because they mostly know how things work and its a free enviroment in both ends, business and personal use. Console users shouldnt have to put up with this because lets face it, if they would they would also learn how to use a PC and forget about consoles in the first place. Six, no mods for consoles and I will tell you why. I dont want other people extending the life of my game because I want to release a second game if its good and make more money, and a third, and a fourth if possible and the hardware company thinks the same since they also take a cut and want you to make more games and sell more next gen consoles for those "updated" or "modded" games which I as the producer control and want to control. Seven, the days God used for creation and the "rations" I used for this 101 bull. Since its seven, Im going to rest.

So in consumer terms, they

So in consumer terms, they just can't afford to up-sell! It was bound to happen considering electronics are going cheap as hell, lets just wait and see when disposable computing hits the markets. It would be an extremely difficult ship for console mongers to steer, even more difficult to practically defend the cost of production.

Subjected to

After seeing the games he has released, worked with and his master project according to most and possibly himself... I know this. The only well designed thing about Unreal was its engine, of which he has nothing to do with. Jazz Jack what? Lost huh. Yeah, LOST. Gears, yes, that game for Xbox with a gay as hell song for propaganda that I didnt even notice because I have a PC and it was low quality bull for casual consoles. I have seen better cover and advance games, even for Japanese consoles, including AI. Kill Switch, of which the lead designer was contracted by Epic to help this lunatic make Gears, in fact he cites him as the man behind the system. The problem was they didnt contract the programmer behind the AI of Kill Switch. Just look at him with that shirt, a christian wooden cross on a man that makes games about killing stuff with force, and that perfect white smile which says Im not like this, its just that I operate myself because I cannot cope with myself. Cliffyb, shut up, you are irrelevent to game design, PC has always flourished, there is no turmoil except the one in thine head, you are speaking as a tired salesman and not an artist wishing to work with the best tools naming the Ipad, Ithink and Megagames, I sent you three hundred and copies of my resume to work with you and I cannot believe what you are contracting to write this or navigate through the net in search of news. Cmon, Im in Spain and my wife is killing me, get me on payroll you fools!


That's fine but you failed to address every single point the guy made. All you did was insult and attack him, when you do that people tend to ignore your opinion, if you want to discuss something do it properly. Address his points, explain how and why each is invalid and then make your own points. Welcome to non-childish discussion 101, I will be your guide...

Digital is the way to go

Digital is the way to go actually. If it takes you 3 days to download something your connection is below average and that makes you part of a minority, minorities end up being ignored when they refuse to adapt. If you have more games than you can fit in your hdd it means it is also below average, I own over 200 games on steam plus some others with optical disk and don't have any issues with space. Your opinion, your choice, deal with it if you get shoved aside and can't play anymore because you're stuck in the past.

PC / or amalgamation of console to PC is future

Minecraft did not ignore the minority and made record sales because of it. The future of the game industry must generalize its self to as many people as possible while embracing the current trends (including crowd funding to generate impute on what will sell aswell as both sales and hype through better products and customer interaction). This means offering good games, interaction, and lowered prices for larger sales. This would be made simple and make more money if the industry embraces the PC platform and amalgamates their own platform to PC but on a per game basis, with no clubs of non-sense or special software/accounts (unless MMO) to join, while offering lower rates for digital while also physical sales through this platform for a small fee. When a gamer buys a game they expect to be able to play said game for life. I cant tell you how many games I have owned in my life time that I have had to get rid of simply because the console broke down and is no longer available. Consoles are a bad strategy for purchasing games. PC for LIFE. My 2 cents. perfect captcha "what is your quest"

True but Steam isn't the only

True but Steam isn't the only service out there, digital doesn't mean being tethered to one monolithic empire. It just has more fan service due to achievements and a social atmosphere. Might surprise you but there are just as many anti Steam users around as there are Steam zealots. There are plenty of services like GOG that are equally better than Steam in terms of end user rights.

This has been an issue for a

This has been an issue for a long time, and one of the biggest blockades preventing cross-platform multiplayer gaming (like xbox360 vs ps3). If you wish to get a patch out on these consoles it takes a very long time to get it through the system, all sorts of paperwork must be filled out and if there are any errors it goes back to the beginning. Every piece of data must be bound to you and a silly contract. The time 'you' see patches on your console, they were actually finished 3-6 months ago. Crazy eh... Even 0day patches went through the system long before the game came out (after the gold master started getting printed), giving the illusion that patch releases are a quick process. This is so console companies have absolute control over the consumers and game developers. Sadly it is most likely the cause for 20 call of duties and all that.. With such a strict process to get games out, you don't really have a lot of room to be creative. It's much more tempting to keep releasing the same game because its static(tried and done doesn't need many patches), you know nothing will go wrong. Don't hate on EA and Activision, hate Sony. Captcha: dollar signs.

just no

First, the patching system has nothing to do with cross platform multiplayer. Its very much possible to do it, just not interesting because you don't want flame wars between console fanboys in every match. Second, the patching process is not the most likely cause for 20 call of duties, releasing the same game over and over has been EAs business model since the 90s, ubisoft and others just copied something that works. Third, don't hate anyone, instead think rationally and make decisions such as not buying (or pirating) games from a company that fails to please you, even piracy helps when it comes to making a game popular.

then you are incapable of

then you are incapable of reading because developers have said patching is the reason for lack of cross-platform multiplayer. I planned to link it but I want you to dig your grave even deeper, a simple google search was too hard before posting it seems lol.

agree but with more perspective

I have worked on many external closed beta games for Activision and Atari before and although I agree, there is more to the story these days then comparing to the Nintendo days. Nintendo makes great games and i love them, but the more modern North American/ European Union style games are more complicated to make because of the differences between any Mario game and almost any big name NA game. They are very different styles of games. NA games have more detailed textures, often large play areas to populate and create. Larger amount of options for the player to interact with and new Graphics tech in use that don't always work as they want without a lot of work. Tack on the countless hours of work correct mistakes and other difficulties incurred by these new technologies AND investors saying they want it released "yesterday"... you get the picture. Bottom line its not as easy as we like to think it is.

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