Battlefield 2 retail patch v1.02


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Battlefield 2 Patch v1.02 ReadMe File July 14th 2005

Patch Information

- Patch v1.02

Fixed memory leak

- Patch v1.01

Fixed in issue that caused the Multiplayer Browser to become unresponsive.

Fixed an issue where some game controls were not available to be rebound
within the Options menu.

Fixed an issue with increasing performance degradation on servers.

Fixed a problem with shader caching on client/host : after the first map in a
rotation, shaders would be loaded on the fly during gameplay.

Fixed a crash with rebinding LMB

Fixed a problem that caused environment mapping to not appear on reflective

Fixed a crash that happened when a client picks up a kit that doesn't exist

Fixed a problem with AI when the game was paused for a long time: bots would
become unresponsive and also shoot more accurately.

LOD distances tweaked on certain objects.

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Battlefield 2 retail patch v1.02

Man i hate this update...does anyone else get the error msg"This server only allows players with unmodified content to join. Revert your version of BF2 to the offcial version to join"i havnt edited it in anyways.... and i have reinstalled many times.... anyone got any ideas????

Battlefield 2 retail patch v1.02

at 23:6 16/7/2005have they fixed the blocky shadow bug, the screen blackout/scramble, or the craptastically laggy POS engine?Shadows.. updated your drivers moronScreenblackout - Uh.. first time ive heard of it anywhereLaggy engine? uh not the engine its the servers or your net connection or your s**tty vid card.. 6600 GT 4mbit cable, Absolutely no lag. 1600x1200 perfectly fine here.

Battlefield 2 retail patch v1.02

f**king ea now it's aalways telling me that my cdkey has been hijacked u fcking morons ea for f**k sake no1 stole my key i generated it from a keygen theres just no way some1 else would get the same one :P does some1 have any ways to get in ranked servers in the new version? (without geting original cdkey? of course u guys are welcome to give me an original cdkey i would appriciate it very much :) )thanks to yall comments to my comment send to:164309334 (thats an ICQ) cya

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