Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2


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GOOD STRATEGY:Corner your self against weak enemys then as they come in watch your archers destroy the backbone of their army then slice through your enemys weak army with no problems.

All of you suck, and i want actual cheats not just gay stupid hints that nobody needs because they know them all anyways

when you are doing a skirmish put the difficulty on brutuland then put the enemys handicap on 95 you r practically invinceble

be elfs or mordor, find gollem, kill him. he drops the ring. bring back to your fortres and make sauron or galadriel. they are very strong and will kill every enemy. beware, gollem is hard to find

A good attack force with the elves build elrond and arwen as they both have the power to heal and when they are both at level 10 use arwens flood to kill a army then reset it by using elronds power

Easy wins with MenTrain some cavalary and purchase heavy armor then put Theoden and Eomer in front. You will be unbeatable. Now you can deafeat even the spearmen.


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