Phantom Crash


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1 Cheat available for Phantom Crash, see below

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infinite money, spend only 1,000 a time buyin parts and upgrades, earn at least 2,000 each match, then you cannot spend more than you earn. thefore giving infinite money.

once you get a "clear" file setting, on days that are divisable by three, special scoobees apear in the junk shop under the used sv section. it takes a long time to get there though

build a holy with level 10 h2 roller legs, and two laser arms, and just a normal body. if its overweight just keep making the legs more to the hevier side

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Get a photon body, then get photon leg,6 wheels, a anti sv machine gun, e the e a anti sv rifle,e a light bazooka, and quadrupal missile lancher.

theres no cheats for god mode on phantom crash ive tried it 53 times and nothing, i always go boom

can u guys send me a free gameshark code book for Xbox and gameshark because im not happy with the god mode cheats because it doesnt work.ive tried it 53 times and nothing.

buy a holy gatlangun than buy a arm cannon ,this is to play as roy. them buy a meteorx2 up grade them all to leavle 60 mateors light arms heavy and get 2 rollers as legs and wall ah

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