WWF Smackdown 2


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1 Cheat available for WWF Smackdown 2, see below

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How to break a cage by yourself in a cage matchRun to a light coloured panel, and then hold down square. It will break the cage.

woh to do a gore thew the entrence.use edge in a i quit match and take your opponent to the entrence and make them dizzy and simply go back and run and do the gore

how to get a different wepon in hardcoremove your player and and your wepon outside and simply go next to the ring and hold left or rigght it dipends wich side your on and press r1

to get stone cold opening a beer can play till backlash with stonecold and become the champion

whip someone onto the announce tables at the bottom of the ring and walk up to them and press circle down to put your opponent through the announce tables

get shower room do a any where fall or hardcore go to locker room irishwhip your oppenent to the right wall it will collaspe then you may enter the shower room


this game is ok.i thought it was pretty cool.my favorite wrestler was jeff hardy.his special was the easist to get.thanx for making this game.

When you create A person you can give them 225 ability points, first you must put him heavy then when you choose the 5 personality put weak neck weak elbow weak knee weak waist and Iron King


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