Sony CEO: We’ll Show Our Next Console Only After Microsoft Shows Its Own

Sony president, Kaz Hirai, seems to be content on repeating the company’s PlayStation 3 launch mistake by holding off PlayStation 4 (Orbis) release until Microsoft has launched its Xbox 360 predecessor (Durango).

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" he explained to British magazine, The Times.

With both Orbis and Durango specs nearly finalized, most enthusiasts expected official announcements to be made during this year’s E3 expo in June. This looks less likely now.

This quest for processing power superiority has lead Sony to release PlayStation 3 a full year after Xbox 360. When Sony’s consoles finally made it to the market in 2006, its main competitor had already enjoyed a market lead of 10 million units sold. Even worse, Nintendo Wii was released around the same time PlayStation 3 was launched but it still managed to overshadow both consoles before the end of 2007, effectively proving that raw processing power is not the decisive factor in this market.

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I concure

I concur with your statement, Cass. I would consider myself a classic video game hobbyist (my pride and joy is a Panasonic 3do). I can see both sides of the coin, but I hate online play. games like cod are ruined by the online play. The game company craps out a super-short seven hour single-player campaign for dumb online that is the same exact thing(on the same exact engine no less) and i don't want to play a single player game that is not complete out of box, but anyway, let the guy have his opinion, ["idiot"] (whatever your real name is).


I've come from the future, PC owns all systems! There's no consoles better than thee pc graphics! Why own consoles? Download games Into your laptop!!!

Oh wow.

First off, i'd like to tell you that the guy who made the first comment is an IDIOT for telling you to download games on your laptop. Laptops are not for gaming, at least not all of them. Second, If you actually know what you're talking about, you'd realize that a PC is different from a Laptop. They're both computers, yes, but a laptop is like a console, you can't change **** it in. But for a PC (Tower) you can change everything and build whatever the hell you want. A PC with good specifications like a quad-core 3.0 ghz processor and a decent graphics card can out perform any console by at least 10 times. And one last thing, most laptops have console-ish specs, so they'll be running them at the same graphics quality as the consoles. ;)



? wii the best Realy ???

de wii is nice to play if u want to play something fast and fun but if u want to infest time in a game the high end consoles are a better fit for me becouse of the conten and graphics they profide and becouse of the fact that most of the games the wii has dont realy captivate me

Can you say;Commodore 64

Can you say;Commodore 64...those where the days Operating system Commodore KERNAL Commodore BASIC 2.0 GEOS (option) CPU MOS Technology 6510 @ 1.023 MHz (NTSC version) @ 0.985 MHz (PAL version) Memory 64 kB RAM + 20 kB ROM Graphics VIC-II (320 × 200, 16 colors, sprites, raster interrupt) Sound SID 6581 (3× Osc, 4× wave, filter, ADSR, ring) Connectivity 2× CIA 6526 joystick, Power, ROM cartridge, RF, A/V, IEEE-488 floppy-printer, digital tape, GPIO/RS-232

doesn't matter

Sony will always have the upperhand because microsoft is going to throw in another subscription scam. Enjoy paying to use the internet you already pay for. Everything else connects to the internet for no additional charge EXCEPT for xbox live and for what? No exclusives, a bunch of advertisements, peer-to-peer connection. Security? Hardly. Going to try to say Anonymous is a group of 5 year old kids? They'd take on Microsoft if they wanted, but they went for Sony instead and in return they gave hundreds of dollars worth of free content as an apology and a million dollar insurance to everyone.

it does matter

first since i am a anonymous follower i know for a fact they didn't hack sony it was a group of hackers that desided to hack them because they got mad at sony typical sony making the wrong people mad... people got mad at what sony gave them after espcially the ones that got the credit cards stolen typical sony fan knowing nothing... 360 still beat the ps4 in the u.s market while the wii owned both japan market and u.s


wii might own the market in japan (dont know, dont care) but they bombed out in the U.S. it helped when they started marketing it as a console for new players and kids but, for gamers, its a kids console. sony is probably waiting to release their specs and data on the PS4 until they are sure they will be able to meet the demand for it when it comes out. they dont want another screwup like when the PS3 was released and noone could buy them due to none being available. when u release the info on the system, you usually give a release date or target time for releas e.

CEO of Operatives Entertainment

the Xbox 720 will come packing very similar specifications to the already-announced PS4. However, it is rumoured strongly that the Xbox 720 will come with reduced graphics potency. The Xbox 720's CPU will be an AMD Jaguar-based CPU clocked at 1.6GHz - possibly very similar to that of the PS4, possibly identical in every way. That would certainly be a boost for game developers as it would make cross-platform development much easier than it is currently. Graphics-wise, rumours suggest that the console will contain a revision of AMD's 7000 series graphics, which is based on its 28nm Graphics Core Next (GCN) Southern Islands tech. The PS4 graphics are provided by a bespoke AMD chip from this family somewhere along the lines of a Radeon 7850 card with 18 GCN processing clusters, each with 64 cores. It is thought that the Xbox 720 will have just 12 processing clusters which could well mean that Microsoft is using a version of the (rumoured/forthcoming) AMD Radeon 7790 chip. That means less power and cheaper bits, basically, but it's not all doom and gloom. The PS4 comes packing 8GB of unified GDDR5 memory which combines system and graphics memory for super-fast gaming. But the Xbox 720 is rumoured to contain 8GB of general system memory and separate graphics memory. That means that the Xbox 720 might not be as potent a gaming rig as the PS4, but will be more efficient at other tasks, making the Xbox better and faster outside of gaming environments. That certainly tallies with some gaming devs who say the Xbox 720 is a lot less about gaming than the PS4 is.


These comments are so amusing. Console kiddies are always good for a laugh. Enjoy your 8 year old graphics, kids. PC master race owns you.

pc mster

you just dont have the money to buy a console, and even if u could, your mom or wife would just get mad at you. poor thing cant even use you own money of your on free will.. hahaha


Stopped reading when I seen the author doesn't know the difference between "predecessor" and "successor". Do 12 year olds write for this site?


I've read some of these comments and while I'll admit you guys know a lot more than I do (technical side). I would like to add my 2 cents worth. I have both the PS3 and Xbox360, some games I like for one console over the other and vice-a-avers. It all comes down to personal preference and by the way I like Sly Cooper, Jax and Daxter and God of War and while Halo is a monster franchise it's not god of all games. Buying the same game for each consoles is a waste of money and I happen to think that graphics always look better on the PC, Anyway do enjoy reading the different opinions of those who have more technical knowledge than I do so keep writing just save the space for something constructive and don't waste if on name calling.

I despise people like you who

I despise people like you who don't know **** about what you're talking about. "specs of the ps3 being crap and it can't handle such a cool game" <-- This is a bullshit statement. 1. PS3 can handle a cool game, as evidenced by there being a PS3 version of Skyrim that works decently, dipshit. 2. The specs aren't crap. On the contrary, if the game is programmed with the PS3's hardware in mind (hardware which **** near no one but an exclusive developer knows **** about), the Cell/RSX combo outclasses the Xenon/Xenos combo several times over. The reason it took so long to come out was because Bethesda doesn't know what the **** they're supposed to do with the Cell, so they just port it over from the PC-like programming environment that is the Xbox 360 and expect it to work just as well. 3. Also, as an addendum to my first point, there are plenty of PS3 exclusives available that are many times cooler than Skyrim will ever be. I'd take my Killzone, Starhawk, InFamous, or Gran Turismo 5 over Skyrim any day of the week.

ps3 exlusives

ps3 had demon souls, million times over better than skyrim, also it inspired dark souls, still another game way better then skyrim, oh and yet to be is dark souls 2, witch will blow skyrim back to the stone age, *******.


dont forget Resistance ,ratchet and clank ,modnation ,god of war little big planet ,do you what me to go on there alot of game xbox dont have

And you think Halo, one game,

And you think Halo, one game, is going to beat all of playstations games? Dude I played all the Halos and they all sucked, even worse after the next and next ones came out. Uncharted kills Halo, and so does the Metal Gear Solid series.


Why do people always say that Halo is so good? It's not it's repetitive as heck. "but there are two whole buttons! That makes it so much better than the wii!" anyone who says that is an idiot! In fact, I know one kid who hates Nintendo just because a call of duty on it wouldn't work. THE WII ISN'T DESIGNED FOR FPS GAMES!!!

And now look...

"When Sony’s consoles finally made it to the market in 2006, its main competitor had already enjoyed a market lead of 10 million units sold" The current difference in total units sold between the 360 and PS3 is 1 million...Therefore sony has made up a 9 million unit difference in 1 years less sales.

Also to add on....

dont forget xbox had how many repeat customers buying their system over and over and over yeah I've had to replace my ps3, I'm on my third one but only one crashed the other fell down my stairs loved eb for that one, my brother on the other hand loyal xbox owner on his 6th or 7th. So not only are graphics way better on ps3 but the hardware lasts longer oh and to the dude who said Gran Turismo is ****.... Go play your slow as hell forza my grandma walks faster than that game.

Consoles suck anyway, I'll

Consoles suck anyway, I'll take my mods and freedom in general over this crap anyday. Sad, because I grew up a console kid starting with the NES. Even if PCs do cost more, they are well worth it. Steam sales make up for anyhow.


Build a pc. It's always improving, so no need to worry about which companies better. Just pick up the best market parts and place them in yer system. No muss no fuss. :D


Not true. Building a pc cost money. and Pc' all over the world is advancing at a fast pace. Meaning more money to catch up especially with games improving itself. I know plenty about computers to know this and this is why I choose consoles. Also it's fun when there's competition. When your straight up Pc gamer your left out of the console wars (whether you see it bad or not) it's something everyone, but PC gamers can get involved in. Well Pc gamers can get involved, but I wouldn't ask about about console new, where it's going, ect.

more expensive if you want

more expensive if you want any chance to keep up with games and to top it all off pc games aren't being improved as fast because everyone jumped on the ******* console bandwagon and stopped caring about high end gaming. you buy a high end pc today and the only way you will be able to max it out is if you are doing bitcoin or something. no game can stress out a high end pc and its about time the game creators put more of an emphasis on graphics.

Blah Blah Blah

I agree and disagree. Console gamers have definitely overshadowed PC gamers in the last years, thus causing more "AAA" titles to be developed with consoles being priority number one. There is no arguing that fact. The good news is that a lot of developers are finally saying they're going to start working with the PC in mind first because it's easier to port to a console then upscale a console based game for the PC. To say you can't stress a high end gaming PC however, is just ludicrous. There are 6 year old games out there that will still bring a modern PC to it's knees if you try. Aside from dumping over 2K into a system, a good "high end" single card solution can still be taxed 100% What has changed a lot about PC gaming in the last years is the reliance on CPU power. The GPU is finally back in the drivers seat when it comes to performance gains. CPU's have hit the point where they're just "too strong". A person, like me, with a 2 year old i5 setup would see virtually NO gain in upgrading the CPU where as prior to my i5 system, I could upgrade once a year and see a pretty dramatic improvement. Component prices are at a good point right now. You can build a good mid-range gaming PC for about 800 bucks if you look hard enough. A mid-range gaming PC will look better than any next gen console. I'm looking forward to the next generation gaming consoles because I feel like it will be the last "nail in the coffin" for console games. PS4 is predicted to retail for $500 while the XBOX Durango is likely going to be pretty close to that. The industry thinks that they know what consumers want, and apparently, we all want a console that will do more than play games. We want Facebook, NetFlix, Pandora, etc. Guess what kiddo's. The PC has done this for years. When the PS2 first launched, there was a survey done in which it had asked users how often they watched DVD's on their PS2. The most common response was, "I didn't even know it could do that" People buy a gaming console to play games, or at least they used to. IMO, MS and Sony should create a GAMING CONSOLE that does JUST THAT. If they want to stay in the "Home Entertainment" market, then create a ROKU competitor. Personally, I hate the fact that MS and Sony feel like they "need" to offer these services or their consoles are going to fail. That is just not true. Both companies could earn more by creating a "HTPC" platform with a custom OS and just leave the gaming to the gaming console. I can build a good media PC for just a couple hundred bucks. MS could offer up a solution like that with a custom built OS for media.

This article is meaningless now

I am not sure where most of you have been, but Sony already announced there system and many of the negative comments about the PS3 I have seen on here are being fixed on the PS4. Microsoft needs to step up their game or they are going to lose to Sony, if you do not believe this then you are a stupid fanboy and I could care less what you think. Sony had a great presentation, has said that they will not block used games and will no require the system to be on 24/7. Microsoft had an employee who took to twitter to pretty much tell anyone complaining about it being bad business for the Durango(the actual project name, since Xbox 720 is not an official name) project to be online only was stupid and wrong. His account has since gone to protected status and he has shut up. The point is Microsoft wants to make you be online 24/7 to play and is more than likely going to require activation of games which will eliminate used games sales, such as we already see on the PC. Despite what this article says, since it was written before the PS4 reveal, Sony is ahead of Microsoft and is gaining even more ground on them. Believe me or not, I do not care, but you can look it up on any major gaming or tech site on the internet and you will find the same thing. Sony has placed itself in a strong position by fixing the issues not only consumers had but also the issues developers had. They have moved to a system that will be nearly identical to developing for the PC. As for there network issues, that is where there acquisition of Gaikai comes in. It is a cloud based service that has been in operation for several years and has extensive networking and cloud based gaming knowledge. Charging people to use online services is ridiculous. It is actually one thing Microsoft does that is worse than Apple, at least if I get an iPhone I do not have to worry about paying my wireless carrier and then Apple in addition to that just to use the internet features. The fact that Microsoft thinks this practice is still okay highlights the major issue all parts of the company have right now, they are out of touch with the expectations of the consumer. Here is a big news flash for a lot of you, those games you play on your system of choice, those online servers are not ran by Microsoft or Sony. They are ran by the developer, that is why when you get for example a Madden game, if you read through all the material and pay attention you will notice it tells you about the running of the servers, gives you a day that they will at least run them too and tells you how long of notice they will give before closure. Certainly some games are developed as first party titles and run on the prospective companies servers but not most games. Call of Duty for instance actually runs on the system and uses the best connection to find a host. This leads to one reason why I believe people in general bash the Sony network and it is because overall the PS3s network card on the older models was not as good as the one for the Xbox 360. This is probably due to the fact that Sony did not charge you extra for that wireless network card, so they were trying to keep costs down. With the abilities of the system the PS4 is toting, it can be assumed the network card is going to be much higher quality. They are saying you will be able to play a game as you download it, such as you can on many PC games now days. This will require them to have a much higher network bandwidth on the system and I can tell you from my experience on the PS3 that my 100mbs connection only ever hit about 5mbs on the PS3 and that shows the problem. They will have a much NIC in this system and it will lead to a much better online experience, that will still be free. So the ball is in Microsoft's court and the time on the playclock is running down, what they do with it is their decision but for the betterment of gamers everywhere lets hope they do something good. Competition drives all the evolution, you never want a one sided battle or people will be forced out of business, which would just lead to the other company becoming lazy and would stop pushing the limits. So set aside some love for both of them, it is because of the other one that they push for greatness.


" if you do not believe this then you are a stupid fanboy and I could care less what you think" Spoken like a true fanboy. FYI, if you write that much, and you start off like you did, no body is going to bother reading the rest of the trash you spew. I OWN: PSOne (modded) PSTwo (modded) PS3 (modded and unmodded versions) XBOX (modded) XBOX 360 (modded and unmodded version) Wii (modded) GameCube (modded) Gaming PC's (4 total, one for me and one for each kid) HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) - Kicks the **** outta anything MS, Sony or Roku could offer. Oh yeah, it plays games too =) Guess which of these my children prefer to play on? PC all the way.

Your message about the PS4.

Hey their the Names Greg, I read your long message and all i have to say is this i think your right and wrong, I've been a gammer ever since the n64 and games have evolved since then and i can understand that you feel that it is stupid to charge people for playing online on xbox live but people like you must understand that its life, nothing in this **** world is free, and still yes it's dumb but its also come to mind that hats how people get to play online cause people who play are expected to pay the people who made them after all, and now sony did the same thing they say now people must pay to play online for these online passes and the one thing sony wins on that one is its a one time deal. And as for sonys promise for what the PS4 can do and how much better its will be then the PS3, To tell the truth don't get your hopes up cause i don't even believe sony even for a second cause they already promised alot of thing that the vita was going to do and don't get me wrong i think it's a wonderful device but they said somethings that caught my ear like playing ps3 games on it by using remote play and you know what it never happen including alot of things they promised. So don't believe what ever you hear from people like sony or microsoft, true their games might be awesome but in my to let you know, alot of people who think the PS4 will be much better then the original but they all believe the same thing like don't believe untill you know its true by seeing it for your self right in front of your face, Alot of us including me don't really care how good a consoles is only that it does what it says it does, it's not a matter of which is better or who winning or losing cause i don't care about the console wars. All i care about is have the console and playing a cool game off line or online, But don't be angry or get me wrong about anything i said, people like you have a right to fight for what you think about he future gaming.

xbox charges

ms charges cause they can your rant about paying the people who make it where you think your money goes when you buy new oh wait you must by used complaining about online passes, that is the company charging you to play a USED copy of a game online you buy NEW its included. Who do you think gets the profit from you buying used????? Heres a hintg its not the makers its the store. So yes some developers are charging for you to play it online when you buy used and i say good on them. dont get me wrong I buy used too but I usually by new used is older games.


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