Evolution GT Trailer


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Black Bean Games have released a new trailer for Evolution GT. The short movie showcases some gameplay elements from this racing game and highlights the importance of the "track" during the game.

The roar of engines, the chants of the crowd and the smell of tarmac. Everything's ready for your hardest and fastest race, you have to win!

Evolution GT is the racing game that gives you the opportunity to take on the persona of a race driver and manage the evolution of this role throughout his career.

From city races in London, Berlin and Barcelona, to the temples of speed Hockenheim, Laguna Seca and Donnington, each and every inch of the tarmac will be decisive for your great triumph!

It's time to enter the Evolution: Start your engines! To view the trailer follow the download tab above.

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Evolution GT Trailer

looks ok but, with toca 3 out in a few weeks noone should touch this as codemasters have an awesoime series with toca and the new race series in toca 3 should make it even more amazing than the last toca.

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