Abyssus Reveal Teaser Trailer


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Discover the secrets of an ancient underwater civilization as you blast your way through Abyssus – a fast-paced roguelike FPS and atmospheric brinepunk adventure.

As a late 19th Century brinepunk mercenary-for-hire, you are employed to explore the subaquatic ruins of an ancient civilization. However, your mission of discovery turns to one of survival as the sunken kingdom’s corrupted inhabitants make it clear interlopers are not welcome.

Wield an array of exotic, adaptable weaponry, and fortify yourself with mysterious, enhancing powers as you engage in a seemingly perpetual battle against the watery domain’s ranks of mutated guardians.

Key features

• USE OUTLANDISH GUNS TO KILL OUTLANDISH ENEMIES: Equip yourself with human brinepunk firearms or strange, ancient weapons as you prepare to face foes unlike anything you’ve ever encountered before

• EXPERIMENT WITH WEAPON AND CHARACTER MUTATIONS: Modify and customize your guns to suit your playstyle, and harness the power of passive and active abilities to give you an edge over enemies

• EXPLORE THE UNDERWATER RUINS OF AN ANCIENT CIVILIZATION: Inspired by the folklore of Atlantis, and the designs and architecture of the Aztecs and Incas, the world of Abyssus is richly atmospheric and steeped in mystery

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