ATV Offroad Fury


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1 Cheat, 1 Fix available for ATV Offroad Fury, see below

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RAPTOR-you get the bestest 4-wheeler ATV All terrain vehicle it floats u never loose its a bullshit cheat like the rest of these cheats

Go To The Fort Roberts and go to the G.I. training camp and get in front of the three looking stairs.Start to pop a wheelie on the small one.Do as many tricks as you want but keep your balance.

to get and keep the ravange 1000 w/ the cheatfirst enter the cheat "CHACHING"then start a pro your name as "TUBULAR"beat lvl 1you will get the ravange 1000

GET FLAMES ON EVERY QUAD you have to beat the game three times and fuck yourself while doing it all three times. Oh yeah and suck a guys dick to.

Get 3 new quadsfirst go in your dads room and look at his porn. second get a video camcorder and tape you and your mom doing it and give it to your dad for his birthday and the next birthday.

To do a front wheely press the x button and pull back on the left joystick. Then press the square button and push up on the left joystick.

make your on atvget 1000 of money and unlock the fury suit and with out doing nothig it will pop up this will work 95


I CAN NOT SEEM TO GET ANY OF THE CODES TO WORK,1. In Pro Career Mode enter the h3 'ALLOUTAI' 2.All Tracks In Pro Career Mode enter the h3 'WHATEXIT' 3. All ATVs In Pro Career Mode enter the h3 'CHACHING'

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