Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter


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2 Cheats available for Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, see below

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NEW OUTFITS.on the character selection screen highlight the character you want to play with and choose it by L1,L2,R1 OR R2.YOU will play his new outfit.

Make a fart in the gamepress start 15 times in the main menu. then you will hear a fart.this will enable you to use a fart trick by pressing upselectcircle.

Play through the game with any hero and you will recieve Onslaught under Wolverine at the character select screen.

para escolher cyber akuma voce deve acabar o jogo sem pegar comtinui.agora voce pegou o em akuma selecao de personagemsaperte:5 vezes o select,e aperte qualquer botao.

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