Soldier of Fortune 2 : Double Helix (PC)


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Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix is the much-anticipated sequel to the explosive FPS hit!
Find out about the game and get a look in, on over 50 screenshots and the new game trailer.

Reprise the role of John Mullins: Weapons Specialist, Anti-Terrorist Mercenary, and "Military Consultant." A new and insidious threat has arisen in the form of a bio-terrorist organization and their two-pronged Gemini Virus. Now, you're off on a transcontinental mission to stop the terrorists and destroy the virus before it's unleashed on humanity.
Soldier of Fortune 2 brings unparalleled detail to PC gaming with vivid damage modeling and animations, accurate reproductions of actual weapons and missions taken from international hotspots, you virtually get to fight in, accurately depicted streets, in Prague, Colombia, Hong Kong and Kamchatka.

Full frontal assaults, stealth and subterfuge are your tactics. Sub-machine guns, assault rifles and grenades are your tools. The world is on the brink of disaster. Get ready for one of the most realistic military shooter gameplay experiences ever.

Failure is not an option.

Follow the link below to read about SOF 2 features or press the screens tab to see the screens or the download tab to get the trailer

10 Single Player Missions Spanning 70 Levels
- Random Scenario Generator
- DM and Team DM Multiplayer
- Quake III: Team Arena Engine Enhanced With:
- GHOUL 2 Rendering System
- TORR Terrain System
- LICH AI System
- ICARUS2 Scripting System
- Dynamic Sound and Music System
- 14 Real-World Weapons and 10 Grenades
- Multiple Fire Modes Per Weapon
- Location/Region Specific Weaponry
- Weapons Carry Authentic Military Designations
- Real-World Locations/Environments Including:
- Colombia
- Kamchatka
- Hong Kong
- Prague
- Jordan
- Extremely Detailed Characters and Weapons:
- Motion-Captured Character Animations
- 3000 Polygon Enemy Models
- 1500 Polygon Weapon Models
- Photo-Realistic Textures and Skins
- Professional Voice Acting
- Environmental Effects: Snow, Rain, Fog
- Parental Lockout and Violence Level Controls
- Real-World, Cinematic Quality Action Story

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Soldier of Fortune 2 : Double Helix (PC)

I cant believe this, I play in a clan and think all the people on here should be shot!Cheating is for scum and ruins the fun for all the other players, fair cheat in single player as your only cheating yourself but don't do it online.You will only get cought and band for be low life scum!!!!

Soldier of Fortune 2 : Double Helix (PC)

i was just curious , i dont mind going out and buying another sof2, but ive reinstalled my sof2 a few times with the cd key it was given, and when i go online it says its an incorrect cd key. I told the company who makes this game (i dont remember it was a long time ago) and they told me to send my game to them, the problem is i dont have the case .. just the box.its just best to buy a new one isnt it?but then again i can spend that money for tribes vengeance

Soldier of Fortune 2 : Double Helix (PC)

All these people are pretty panzy for resisting to buy SOFII. Its like a 20 dollar game.My buddy has the game, I've installed it on my computer. I AM looking for a Cd-Key, but one I can purchase. Does anyone know of a good website, or is anyone interested in selling theirs?


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