Report: Valve Working On Steam Box Console

According to The Verge, Valve is working with hardware partners to develop and release a home console called the "Steam Box."

Valve CEO Gabe Newell has said recently that "if we [Valve] have to sell hardware we will."

But the Steam Box is not going to be yet another locked down proprietary console. At its heart, the Steam Box will consist of a Core i7 CPU, 8GB RAM, an Nvidia graphics card and Steam client installed on Windows operating system. The system will be usable on computer monitors as well as TV screens thanks to Steam's soon-to-be-released Big-Picture mode.

Interestingly, the Steam Box will be able to run all PC games, including ones that are sold through or depend on competing services such as Direct2Drive or EA Origin. The "console" will ship with a proprietary controller that features swappable components (mockup available in the screens tab).

To make the system even more open, Valve will allow all interested hardware manufacturers to produce it without paying any licensing fees. Game developers won't need to buy any new development kits to develop games for the Steam Box.

The Steam Box can be thought of as an attempt to standardize and unify a set of PC hardware specs so that game developers would be able to target. In other words, any PC that matches or exceeds Steam Box's hardware specs will be able to play Steam Box games simply by plugging in a suitable controller through the USB port.

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I should have cashed in on this

I've been telling my friends for years now ever since the phantom failed that I wanted to design a console based on PC with the same idea that phantom had but instead of being closed software I'd license steam. I named my console idea Locomotive and said I'd have a sticker slapped on it saying "runs on steam."

Online PC gaming is full of

Online PC gaming is full of cheaters, that's one reason i got a console, I'm sick of not being able to play my game the way it was meant to be played. Not to mention, you cant cheat on console games period (unless purposely put in by the devs), so that takes away any temptation to cheat in games IE:god mode, full ammo, no clipping. Don't get me wrong, i love PC gaming, but i just hate cheating, it serves no purpose.

don't be an idiot please

Apparently you don't realize that there is in fact cheating on consoles as well. The easiest example I can give "turbo controllers." Yes, they're still around and they're a lot more sophisticated now than in the days of nintendo. They're designed now specifically for certain games to keep you from getting banned and to name a few there are the rapid fire controller, turbo fire, turbo fire 2, turbo fire evo, list goes on. There's adapters to use a keyboard and mouse so that people can take advantage of the faster response time and that's just naming things you can do without modifying your console. There's even game save modifiers out there for games like red dead redemption or borderlands that save their info client side allowing you to edit them.

Please don't be so closed minded and think about what you say before you post to justify your reason for being a cheap *** and not buying a PC. I doubt anyone here wishes to give you a sympathy party and another thing to blow your lame excuse out of the water is that most online games now include services like punkbuster to detect and ban cheaters. Any MMO will have their own services to detect cheaters as well. Your console does not do anything that wasn't thought of on a PC first.


well you also failed to mention that PC games go to a whole new level with Mods, I constantly hear Console gamers whining about how they don't have access to Mods like us PC gamers do.


So this would be a Standardized Computer?

The problem is that you can already buy a ready-build "gaming"-computer today and play all games on it because many of the games, available for PC today, are console port. And consoles consists mainly of outdated hardware that are being tweaked and used for a whole decade.

So the purpose of the Steam Box is already defeated..


Regardless of outdated hardware the performance (PC hardware requirements) of a port is largely dependent on who makes the port, good coders make it run faster on older hardware, bad coders make it require high end PCs to run. Having a set of hardware specs they can target forces bad coders to work harder and make their ****** ports run properly on said hardware set. That aside, PCs don't have so much scrutiny when it comes to game content, i.e. There is no big company who makes the final decision on whether a game will be released or not(if a publisher says no, devs can try to work with another), unlike consoles where nintendo, MS and Sony have the final say. And who says MG knows what the purpose of the steam box is. I for one think MG is wrong and its there to cater to console gamers who dont want to deal with PC maitenance.


Thats what EA said a few years ago when they had planned to drop PC gaming altogether. Notice how they had to look like fools by going back on their word because PC gaming is stronger than ever. As for cheating, the PC is the only platform when devs can release patches to fix exploits almost free of cost (as opposed to consoles where they have to pay a large sum of money to M$ or $ony to release a single patch)

I think both of you are silly

Don't forget that EA published star wars: the old republic, the most expensive game made to date. Also I don't think that MS and Sony actually charge for updates BC some companies put out game updates monthly and they'd go broke really quick if that were the case. I think that's really just a rumor and since that article was on this site I can't take it seriously.

Great thing to come

Now we just have to ask Sony and Nintendo to sell their I.P.s and games via Steam and we will all get what we want

A PC that is a Console that works without bugs and ages gracefully

If this Utopia is gonna work I'll certainly buy the baby

P.S. Sega Master System II for the Win

P.P.S. Rest In Peace Wonder Boy 3


:::::I have a ton of games on steam that sold for significantly less money than console equivalents
:::::PC gaming offers instant updates
:::::PC gaming doesn't require DVDs or CDs
:::::It's an open console that won't limit your options
:::::PC games have larger multiplayer bases
:::::There's tons of cheaters on consoles and PC
:::::You only need 1 console to run older games
:::::Upgrades to your console may be possible
:::::Developers can freely create games for this, allowing you more options for games
:::::No yearly subscription fee (XBL)
:::::Steam has always tried to provide the gamer with the most options at the least cost
:::::Less waste products for the environment
:::::Ability to game on a PC at home, PC at grandmas, TV at uncle teds without moving anything.
:::::Should I keep going?

MG, what the **** is "propitiatory"?

So Valve is gonna make a PC, with their own logo on it? Big ******* deal. If a game is made that exceeds their box's requirements will they refuse to sell it on Steam? There are enough "consoles" inhibiting progress already. Game dev's can already "target" whatever level of system they want. Game dev's and hardware vendors will still have to deal with any compatibility issues that may arise. I don't see the point. There are 3 consoles with outdated PC hardware in them already. It won't be long before the GPU & CPU that's in the thing won't even be available to PC buyers. Not to mention an Intel CPU & Nvidia GPU are an unnecessary waste of money. You can't assemble a box of standardized parts as a means to standardize boxes that can't and won't all have the same parts. My Radeon HD whatever will still need the same attention regardless. My newer Nvidia GPU that I needed to replace the one that burned out due to excessive overclocking will still have to have the attention it needs to ensure compatibility. For the tech weenie, we have the state we're already in, where it's impossible to justify buying an $800 video card, because a $400 one will deliver the same experience. To have the same experience as provided buy current consoles, a comparable PC from a comparable time is all that's needed. This accomplishes nothing except to make Valve a bit more money. Valve is hardly "open". If they were then I wouldn't need Steam to install disc versions of games. I'm happy to see discs go away, but I'm not happy to be told how many computers I can install MY game on. Make another great game that people will wanna buy and/or share, and nevermind the hardware that no one wants.

valve.. lol

Cant wait to see how many few hundred people with their nestalgia for NES actualy fork out a few hundred bucks for this garbage.

"And thus the PC console is born, soon to bring the final blow to regular console gaming. "

You sound like someone who cant afford a console and a computer. Maybe one day you will work and earn money and no longer ***** that one is better than the other. Truth is some games are better to play on one, and some are more enjoyable than the other. Their will be no in-between settling such as this valve crap.

And good luck with thinking the next Xbox would be a standard console anyways, Microsoft always steps up to the plate since they started in the console buisness. Do you actualy think any software company would stray away from a Microsoft Console? thatd be buisness suicide. That would be like Obama stealing your tax Money to build electric cars. (DEMAND) demand is important, It didnt matter how many billions of dollars obama threw at electric vehicles, people dont want the ****. It didnt survive. Same as will happen with this, valve steam punk crap.

The only people who might support it would be sony, but thats because sony is dying lol.
As for final blow to consoles vs computers.
idk where ur facts come from but consoles outsale outgross and out-profit computer gaming. You dont need to fork out 200 bucks every year to keep up with new games on consoles.

Idiots love to *****

All you can do is complain and *****. I have my gaming rig as well as two consoles that collect a **** load of dust. I love this idea. I can finally get a couple of my friends that are scared of pc gaming to finally get on board with quality over commercialization. What do you mean sony might support this? It plays PC games.
Oh and you mention that little upgrade fee or yours. I don't have to pay for xbox live so I save there and I built a great rig that won't need to be upgraded til about 2013. Have fun with your 7 year old console and direct x 9.

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