New Quad Graphics Card World Record Set

Hazzan Overclock

A new world record has been set in 3Dmark 11 with a quad graphics card setup. Using four Nvidia GTX 680 GPUs, user Hazzan has managed to not only take the top spot among all quad card 'clockers, but smashed the record for previous GTX 680 results too.

Beating out old world record holder John Lam by just 39 points, Hazzan's name on the table stands out from the crowd, since almost everyone in the top 20 four-war graphics card overclockers made use of Radeon HD 7970s to achieve their results. The only other Nvidia fan even close to Hazzan's score was user TiN, who made use of two GTX 690s. This latest world record pushes him back into 10th place.

To score such a record breaker, Hazzan matched up his 4-way SLI setup - with core/memory frequencies of 1706MHz and 1800MHz respectively - with a Intel Core i7-3930K CPU overclocked to 5784MHz, 8GB of GSkill DDR3 'clocked to 2480MHz, an Asus Rampage IV Extreme motherboard, all of which was powered by a 1,300W Antec High Current PSU. Finally someone has a legitimate use for a 1KW+ model.

To make these monster clocks work without burning a hole in the desk, Hazzan used liquid nitrogen to cool both the CPU and GPUs.

With the current 3Dmark 11 Performance Crown firmly on Hassan's brow, who will step up to the challenge and take it from him?

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Lordie Money Pit

I love hearing about these kinds of systems but details that would catch my eye even more are the limiting factors like noise levels and budgetary requirements, things that force builders to think outside the box to eliminate problems most end users like us have to contend with. Wheres the fun in simply throwing hordes of coin on the best hardware and sticking them together?

listen up people this doesnt

listen up people this doesnt really have anything to do with selling or buying pcs its all about the hardware manufacturers seeing who is top dog find out how far these things can be pushed that is all so stop whining


Seriously, no one cares for nitrogen-cooling, its not common practice, and the people behind that shit are all fakes. Seriously the gaming masses would care more about a bad ass setup running on stock fans. Lets see something like that instead. Only morons would spend 2-5k for something so stupid.

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