Diablo III Patch Goes Paragon, New Legendary Effects


Blizzard has released another patch for Diablo III, bringing the ill-fated dungeon crawling RPG to 1.0.4, adding Paragon levels to the game - effectively raising the level cap from its base of 60, to 160.

Designed to appeal to those that have hit level 60 and find themselves not wanting to play because there's no further advancement, this new system will add tens of hours of grinding to the game - that is if you want to reach the max level. However there's more to do at the max level of Diablo III than just grinding, with big improvements - aesthetically and stat wise - to legendary weapons, making them look and feel far more legendary. Some of them have new abilities and effects, including the slaving of enemies when hit, lava like ground effects as you move and the release of poisonous gasses.

Blizzard said that the reason for this patch was to allow for the balancing of the game for its two focal audiences: the casual players that plod through the game slowly and methodically and the hardcore players that hit the level cap soon after launch and have been grinding for top level loot since.

Game Director Jay Wilson said of the release, that ultimately Blizzard was trying to make it so "Everybody should be able to have fun."

Is this going to achieve that? A lot of people are tired of Diablo III, but at over 10 million purchases, it's still a popular game. Will this update help it last?

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Diablo III

After reading the above log and extensive research - after almost going out to purchase the game, I have agreed not to buy this game Diablo III. Why would I want to actually use real money to purchase accessories for my char when it's supposed to be just a game. I'll mar stick with D2, Sacred and that sorts. Here I thought it's going to be just a game - now I'm no longer interested in this crap.


ppl can buy items with real money in d2 too, busted noob, and those bots spamming evrey public game out there, have fun with those, since i bought d3 i would never put in d2 again the game got boring a long time ago, d3 isint perfect, but d2 was far from perfect with it got out.

How to Play Diablo 3

the solution to those say Diablo 3 is not enjoyable, the loot is not good, characters keep dying or sometimes its too easy, or the game lags its simple. 1)buy a decent PC with some horsepower on the VGA 2)connect to a decent ISP provider with good speeds 3)keep your system clean from stupid software at startup (including viruses) in order to work as it should be! 4)save like 15-20$ to a bank account (if you cant, then how you bought the game?) 5)get a visa electron from that bank account 6)now go to Real Money Action House and spent those 15-20$ to get also some decent gear for your Character 7)relogin to Diablo 3 and HAVE fun! after you reach a new level please repeat steps from 4 ->> again and again. THIS IS how Blizzard design the new Diablo 3 to be played! stop crying.- :P

okay I saw this story went

okay I saw this story went and patched my game played for 5 mins, and left because its the same **** all over again, ooh look a billion walking cows that can all instakill me because i didn't buy itesm from the $50 a pop store. . Okay so i can;t level cause its just boring grind and nothing has been improved. In diablo 2 you actually gave a **** about your character in this game you can;t unesll you have a massive wallet. What a hunk of crap

Get real. Diablo 3 is a

Get real. Diablo 3 is a great game, and getting better. Sadly, Blizzard can't cater to all the whiny, ***** nerds out there. But they also shouldn't try, Diablo 3 delivered an experience on par with Diablo 2. I'm afraid the extra excitement you crave wont be found in a video game. Primarily because you've seen it all before, there are no more surprises, visual effects, or game-play mechanics to blow your mind. They did introduce a new feature, the RMAH. Which paid for my copy of Diablo 3 11 times over now. The moral here, ******* are going to ***** but Diablo 3 is only game that made me rich.


Just saying it's a great game wont cut it kid. Discussion 101, if you want to convince someone of your point of view then you have to address the issues that were raised about the subject (read other news about d3 if you dont know what are those issues). As for the RMAH, congratulations on making money just like chinese gold farmers do, you must be very proud of yourself for having such a useful skill.

Ground reality

The game is tooo friggin short - it takes 10 hours to the end :'( and took 10 years to make. I mean - are you really gonna play the same levels over and over- with that same story to up a few levels. I hope they have DLCs planned- else this franchise is gonna hit rock bottom. I have not gone past playing it twice.


lol let me lauch doing normal in diablo 2 could be even shorter, and getting to the end of diablo 3 if u counsider all Difficulty lvl is maybe 10x times longer then d2, so quit crying im not even done with the game yet since its out, i could have d2 All difficulty done in less then a week, for diablo 3, doing all that will maybe take a year if u dont play like an addict


Some teeny weeny shiny effects and a bigger grinding level won't make it last the same time as D1/2 did. I like to believe that D1/2 were games for the mature audience with it's dark them and all. D3 is a game for kids. Of course there's the RMAH then, sure I could make a few bucks but they ruined the whole economic system in the process. And in response to the article above, you're right 10mill purchases but not 10mill playing. Will this update help it last? - No, Blizzard abused the Diablo name for their own greed and created just another action rpg, not a diablo sequel.....meanwhile Torchlight 2 and the promising mmo Path of Exile is where my money will go.

Story and Soul

The Story and the soul is there but the game is not. The game is on Torchlight 2. Theres only one thing that will make D3 or even D4 be like D2/D1. And they now work at Runic.


OMG!!!! THIS GUY NEEDS A MEDAL! BEST **** ANSWER TOTALY AGREE!!! Torchlight 2 story is awsome. i think lacking the darkish feel like diablo 1 and 2 but 100% agree more artist work on this game and ***** all over blizzard with diablo 3! WAY to many wankers that worked on WoW did Diablo3 and instead of keeping gamers happy they rather RIP ppl to make more money from RMAH on a busted *** game. FAIL BLIZZARD!! FAILED HARD!!! SO many years to make this piece of crap and could not get it right!. SCREW BLIZZARD!

OP here

I think you missed the point. He mentioned torchlight 2 because the creators of d1/d2 now work at runic and are involved with the creation of torchlight 2. I couldn't agree more, they're the ones who made diablo what it was and bliz showed us they can't copy everything, let alone improve upon it.

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