League of Legends is the Most Played Game in the World

League of Legends

One of the more interesting aspects of games, besides actually playing them, is reading some of the mid blowing statistics that you can drum up with a bit of research. You've probably heard that at its peak, World of Warcraft had a whopping 12 million active players. Xbox Live is even higher with a total of over 40 million monthly subscribers. These stats pale in significance however, when compared with the gargantuan figures Riot games has released for League of Legends. As they put it, LoL is quite simply the most popular game in the world right now.

You'll have to take the developer's word for it, since it was the one that released that infographic (view the full thing here) explaining it all. Taking that into consideration, when League of Legends is weighed up against WoW and Xbox Live, you get some crazy numbers. Over 70 million registered summoner names. An active monthly player base of 32 million. 12 million daily active players (over 50% more than instagram).

Riot even goes up against the entire Halo series with its numbers and blows Master Chief and his Covenent enemies away. In total the Halo games have been played for over 2 billion hours. LoL racks up half of that figure every month.

While this number was a lot lower than a billion, League of Legends has 4.1 million Facebook likes. That's nearly tree times what Psy's Gangam Style has. Now that's and impressive figure!

Still, looking at the rest of the stats, I feel pretty chuffed that I once managed a Pentakill. Apparently those only occur once in every 1,500 games.

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I have played LoL for about two years now and have played Dota 2 since i got the beta. Ibprefere LoL because it eases you into the game instead of what Dota 2 does which is throw you into the action right away. I have spent money on LoL not because it wold make me better but because i wanted to support Riot Games for such an amazing game.

Come and play LoL its the best.

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Reason why Most Stick to Dota

As far as skill is concerned, The Skill Ceiling from LoL is low compared to Dota. I mean jukes and denies and dodging skills are not in LoL. Which kind of makes Dota players take on LoL as lame. I played Dota and LoL for a while their both fun but I still comeback to Dota because of LoL's low skill ceiling. No offense to LoL players.

Well that is only one way to

Well that is only one way to think of it, but that is not how I think of it. There are jukes and dodging skills in LoL ( you are crazy if you think there aren't). Now, let's address one of the biggest arguments against LoL, denies. While it is true you can't deny creeps in LoL, it turns it into a much bigger mind battle. It honestly isnt that hard to deny and last hit at the same time and it just turns the whole game into a farm fest that is really slow. LoL on the other hand let's use a different mechanic that isn't really present in Data, zoning. This is the act of controlling where your opponent can go in their lane by postioning your self in a way to do DMG if they try and get close, causing them to miss last hits, just like denials, but in a much more fast paced way. All in all, believe what you want, but I'm sticking with LoL.


i thinks your all idiots. lol is a popular moba and is like dota yes but look at them both, they are sort of the same, so is smite hon and many other rediculas games. so what? lol is way funner than most of those games (i am taking in the fact dota was made before it and started the siries) but who actually cares? dota is a mod, get over it ( i havnt played dota so yeh). all im saying is its a good game seems to be like dota but its better. when dota becomes a fully pledged game and not a mod, i might think about playing it, untill then, im playing lol


If you played Dota 2. You're gonna have a badtime crying. transition from Dota to Lol = FREAKING EASY Transition from lol to Dota = FREAKING HAARD (if you haven't played it yet of course) I'd say go play what started. I mean Judging that without even trying Dota, That's freaking lameness. NO offense. Just play it for god sakes.

Actually Dota is still the

Actually Dota is still the most played game in the world, the only reason Riot thinks League is more played is because League forces everyone to use the same client, whereas Dota players use several client services such as garena, 11, and so forth. League's 3 billion matches in 3 years doesn't compare to 11's 5 billion in 1 year. There are more Dota players in the Philippines than League players globally. League will never make a dent in that, the game isn't flexible enough in terms of metagame (doesn't help that Riot nerfs any strategies that break the meta) and has been getting ruined by power creep for almost a year now. League is fun and all, but its definitely not the most played game in the world and most definitely not balanced enough to take esports away from Dota.

dota cloans

I played HoN for a while and all I can say is this game style caters to opportunists who leach experience from a wave on NPCs in a never ending tug of war. The player base is filled with elitists who think they are awsome. I dont have the best reaction time to click buttons, but truely that is most of the skill to the game is APM. Come play a real strategy game, i would like to see your best player face off a grand master in chess for instance and tell me all about your mad skills. Kids

trolling harder than singed

i find it amusing how many of the forum trolls on here say this game is flooded by kids and is pay-to-win. Got evidence? Riot itself released a poll that shows the average age of player is between 16 and 30something. If i dumbed money into the game i now have the option of buying... skins, boosts to summoner level experiece, boosts to summoner market points, additional rune pages, and.... oh crap nothing to do with the actual playing of the game. Market points (IP) or Riot Points (what your cash gets turned into) are only available on the main menu. Only market points can be used to buy runes, which means throwing cash into the game doesn't immedietly effect the game. 10 free champoins a week allow even the most expensive champions to be played by first timers. I've been on league for a couple years. yes there are smurfs, like there are in virtually every online pc game. Can't handle it? Thanks for running away. Want a tip? Don't select the "easy" skill level, where all the smurfs go. As for skill, knowing what and when to buy, which doesn't use IP or RP (IP and RP do nothing in game, need I reiterate), will vastly change how well you do in game. Some troll down there talked about a whatever stacking a single item for 900 AP, I love it when players do this because they have no survivability at all. a burst champion with a balance of magic resist and dps will beat you in a duel, as all experienced league players know. and different champions have different play styles. take singed for example, his whole game play is to run away and bait enemies to chase you. i hate him, he's the games biggest troll, and doesn't fit my playstyle. even LoL's champion trundle (who is a troll) trolls less than him. summoner spells offer increased burst, survival, team support, movement utility, map awareness, jungling speed, and even a way to replenish mana. some champions don't have to balance mana, but there's maybe a dozen of them. League has over 100 champions. compare the damage ratios on their skills to mana using champions and you'll see the mana less skills tend to be weaker.


I don't understand why people bash on games. It's as if you think talking down about a game will change those minds of people who are already into it. Also, I play all games and love it all. Whether it's an FPS, RTS, MOBA, or even arcade style fighting and button mashing, I love it all. Everyone likes different games. As a gamer I understand where some people come from with their argument of "The game sucks". It would only seem so because you aren't good at it, or you haven't grasp the concept or style of play the game hands to you. If you're a quick learner like myself, you'll find yourself enjoying all if not most games out there regardless of gameplay style.




you are exactly the kind of person who gets mad in games ..ruins the funn ,a rage kid who quits or stays afk, nub ... , you will have the ip u whant , u will get lvl 30 , the only problem is ... if u suck at the game then u say what you just said .even if u lose 50% of the games cuz "smurfs" u stil get IP or stuff like this .The best is u actualy learn much more .. then in a game with nubs .

dude its a game theirs no

dude its a game theirs no learning involved i used to play this game but i realized had soo much time why should i waste it playing games soo i quite by the way im soo noob XD yeahh lols kinda hard i freakig do have time to play anything ;c

I can't believe the stupidity of these comments

Hey dumb ***** guess what not everyone has the same taste its called subjectivity. Some prefer Dota, some prefer LoL and believe it or not some people don't like MOBAs at all. I'm sure some of you idiots are trolls but for the rest of you stop getting so worked up life is to short, your going to give yourself an aneurysm


I tried LoL .. the game is ******* lame and boring there is NO skill or fun in the game.. "OMG IM BOUT TO DIE BETTER RUN BACKWARDSZZZ,,, HAR HAR HAR I LIVE CUZ I RUN BACKWARDS FAST" thats how you play the game.


I dont get how people could expect LoL to have a pay-to-win model or no-skill gameplay when it's probably the most competitive esports games out there, even overtaking the starcraft scene...


Almost every comment here is retarded. LoL is a FREE game were you only pay to get a nice skin to replace your own. You do NOT pay in a actual game and it is always balanced. Almost every other week or less it is patched. Play a game before you try and trash it please. It does not make you look smart, just makes you seem like a ignorant ******* that does not want to try anything new besides what they know.

Simply put that is where some

Simply put that is where some skill comes in. Evreyone has access to the same masteries and can obtain the same runes. It's up to you to decide how to make them work together, so no the game is not unbalanced by these things since two people can have them identical, it'a actually giving the players a way to augment the game to them and gain an advantage.

Simply put that is where some

Simply put that is where some skill comes in. Evreyone has access to the same masteries and can obtain the same runes. It's up to you to decide how to make them work together, so no the game is not unbalanced by these things since two people can have them identical, it'a actually giving the players a way to augment the game to them and gain an advantage.


oh,well you see i bought a skin so now i look pretty so it is an insta win right? well isnt that your logic? or is it just to hard for you, i hope so because if you are serious you are so ignorant and your incompatance makes me laugh HAH

Has it's moments

I got into LoL for a little while and it was a LOT of fun at the time. It's been a while since I've played and I'm sure things have changed but after a while it got a little stale. I'm sure I could get sucked back into it around summer when major developers are biding their time for the seasonal releases. Overall I give it a 7/10 but compared to other free online games it's a masterpiece.

runescapes sucks and is now

runescapes sucks and is now broken. and they wont have that many subscribers. registered accounts maybe, but during the massive botting age people made like 5 accounts at once and just left their computers on over night to be better than everyone else. runescape isnt worth playing anymore so its out of the picture

That's not 100% true brah

Runescape has 200M ACCOUNTS. You figure ALL the players have ATLEAST 2 non-main accounts, then all the PKers that make 3 accounts for every type of pure.. Runescape probably has less than half that amount of PLAYERS. Now, as for League, Smurf accounts aren't THAT common. You probably have 1 smurf account for every 5-6 League players.

Go check yourself..

According to the gamemakers themselves,they passed the 200million mark back in july this year,can be seen in their own timeline section. They've also changed the game alot,which probably made it more attractive to the masses..

played Dota / Dota 2 / Hon and LoL

I spent most of my time playing dota (2 years) then moved to lol (3 years), played in a few international tournaments actually won second place in europe behind some swedish dudes, however I also played HoN for about 2-3 hours since when I started playing I was seriously abused by some people both enemy and allied players, therefore I quit it right at the start. Right now I quit playing LoL (since I got too bored of it) and now I'm gladly playing Dota2. Atm Dota2 is still not released to the public but when it will be I fear that the number of players in LoL will really go down. However I enjoyed playing LoL and made a ton of friends there and spent alot of time (played over 1000 games , had about 700 looses and 900 wins) it makes me really sad to see rotten players of the LoL community bashing absolutely every other game. Some examples below: Ex 1:"Omg that hero from dota2 is a clear copy of our hero from lol. Riot should lawsuit the sobs at valve for stealing their ideas" < from a youtube comment (the hero in dota was created in 2006 and League of Legends got released in late 2009) Ex 2: " These guys at blizzard can't come out with anything original. They even stole the look of the map " < also from a youtube comment , where the video was showcasing a "battle arena" which was released with the retail game , before any expansions (again , the game was released in 2004 , while the LoL game was actually released in 2009 ...) TL;DR : Stop bashing other genres / games because most of the time you people ARE wrong. Dota2 does not COPY LoL, Dota2 is a upgrade of sorts for the original DotA game. The team developing LoL are actually ex members of the Dota developer team. Did you ever wonder why your item "Guinsoo rageblade" got its name? It's the name of the developer of the item, which also developed items and did some other stuff in the original dota. If you do not want to lets say believe me then simply search around on your forums and you will find out who "guinsoo" is. LoL came into existence because the MAIN DEVELOPER OF DOTA let LoL copy alot of dota's aspects. In its early alpha stages, LoL was a very much lookalike copy of dota (you could deny your creeps / allies , there was no "rune / champion shop") Also to people saying that in LoL "money doesn't give you the slightest advantage over non paying players" you are horribly wrong here. I won't explain because it takes way too much time +space so I'll let you think about it because its a very simple reason why money DOES make a difference in LoL.

Lies... Lies everywhere

I'm a long time LoL player and can tell you for a fact that real life cash does nothing to enhance your online experience. If you like the game, you play matches, you earn IP, you unlock everything. There is nothing that affects gameplay that costs real money. Real money is used by children who want to play every different champion and play none of them well, and is used by people who need a cool looking skin for a champ. An actual player who doesn't care about what his champ looks like has no use for real money in LoL - and even if you credited their account $20, they wouldn't know what to do with it since it CANNOT AFFECT GAMEPLAY. There is NO PAY TO WIN in LoL. I can't speak on DotA, I've never played. Also... DotA 2 beta isn't out so... you're playing it? Doubtful. Also... DotA invented the new age of MOBA's - to say the LoL is a copy of it is ridiculous. Anytime a genre of video game is invented or revolutionized EVERY game in that genre for the next several years is a "blatant copy" of the original. Pish and tosh on that. Peace.

A larger amount of players

A larger amount of players comes with a similar proportion of douchebags as other games. The people who think that Dota 2 copied off LoL are just misinformed and it does no harm to leave them alone. To be clear, the only person who works at Riot and had worked on DotA to my knowledge is Guinsoo, while Icefrog and Eul work at Valve. Also, Spending money on LoL gives you no advantage whatsoever. The only factor that you could possibly think would give some an advantage is champion diversity and match-ups. But the simple fact is unless you are play at a very high level, then champion match-ups are not all that significant. All of the cheapest champions fill the exact same roles as more expensive champions and for the casual player, that is more than enough to satisfy anyone's needs.


I love those who bash LOL have generally no idea what they're talking about. For you people, ignorance is stupidity. You can shell out all the money you can playing against me in LOL, but I'll still whip your *** while playing for free. Money=no gameplay advantage.


Actually money doesnt give you any advantage whatsoever just skins and champs. I dont know if you can also buy runes but they are useless from my point of view


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