American McGee Slanders EA For “Tricking” Alice Fans

Alice: Madness Returns creator, American McGee, has voiced his distaste towards EA for directing Shy The Sun studio to produce deliberately misleading trailers for the game.

"What was frustrating was how EA Marketing interfered - telling STS [Shy The Sun] from the start that ALL creative direction and final say would come from them, not from us (the developer/creator of the story/tone)," he answered a question on Reddit. "That resulted in trailers that were much darker and gorier than the game ... and that was a calculated disconnect created by EA."

"They wanted to "trick" gamers into believing A:MR was a hard-core horror title, even though we refused to develop it in that tone," he asserted. "Their thinking is, even if the game isn't a hard-core horror title, you can market it as one and trick those customers into buying it (while driving away more casual customers, like female gamers, who might be turned off by really dark trailers)."

"It's all a part of the race to the bottom EA, Activision and the other big pubs are engaged in. Expect to see it get worse before it gets better."

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I think..

as long as EA keeps polishing up there web covered dusty old games they have the rights to... and slapping a new coat of paint on them.. you can be sure as **** theres some ignorant lemming who will buy there titles.. I Still buy the EA NHL ## games (ONLY thing i may add) anything else by EA I wont waste money on. same goes for blizzard after that diablo 3 catastrophe! and a few other AA/AAA companies that are more or less just trying to pick the pocket of the consumer.

Correction, you DON'T think...

Do you mean ignorant lemmings that can't tell the difference between there (place) and their (possesion)? The NHL part of your comment proves I'm right and shows just how much of a hypocrite you are. If you buy one of THEIR games you're just as bad as the guy who buys ten. After all, you feed one of EA's most milked franchises just so you get new player names.

The worst of EA polishings

The worst of EA polishings would be clearly the NFL games they release, and morons shell out the dough and gamestop rapes them on the trade-ins LOL. Its kinda like these folks are the clear meaning of insanity (farcry 3 pun). The world when it comes to milking is Activision with their CoD titles, and map packs that nickle and dime everyone.

All EA sports franchises are

All EA sports franchises are equally bad, one sport does not overshadow any other because they're all released yearly. Activision only folllowed in EA's footsteps, remember when EA introduced the world to pay to win in online games? Yea I'll never forget that one...

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