Interactive Torture Removed From Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Journalists who tried out the preview version of Splinter Cell: Blacklist noticed the omission of one controversial scene that was demoed during the E3: a torture scene where Sam Fisher digs a knife slowly into a hostage in order to extract information from him.

Blacklist producer Andrew Wilson explained that he reconsidered the scene’s tone and impact after witnessing audience distaste during the E3 demo.

"Definitely we are not going to see when the game's coming out that there are torture scenes in it," he said. "That scene is not there anymore. I've not really heard anyone say they loved it."

"It wasn't nice to see any negative reaction to something you've thrown your life into."

Another change that was introduced in response to E3’s audience comments is that interrogations are no longer interactive. In Splinter Cell: Conviction, Sam Fisher was able to use weapons and objects in the surrounding environment to “interrogate” his captured enemies. But this is no longer possible in Blacklist; At least, not interactively.

"Tthere will not be interactive torture in Blacklist" explained Ubisoft creative director Maxime Beland. "On Conviction, we called those 'interrogations,' right? And it was kind of, my vision of Conviction was that the player to be in control all the time. We had no camera cuts, I always wanted to make it feel that it was nonstop."

"We're doing certain things with interrogation moments where you won't be in control, but you will be in control of what you do with the guy after. So again, embracing that lethal/nonlethal side."

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is scheduled for release on August 20th, 2013.

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"Andrew Wilson explained that

"Andrew Wilson explained that he reconsidered the scene’s tone and impact after witnessing audience distaste during the E3 demo" ----------------- Not being funny but the audience of E3 are not going to be the sole customers of Ubisoft and this game are they? ----------- "Definitely we are not going to see when the game's coming out that there are torture scenes in it," -------------------This one line says it all. ------ Give it a few months and it will be released as DLC.

How revolting

It is true that wars are indeed an inhumane and most diabolical affair challenging morales and ethics. It really does bring out the worst in Man; and when a man is in power, beyond jurisdiction and blame and he controls power shall you see the very essence of the Devil, where the inner savage animal or worse unleashes. The agenda of Rape, Torture, Sexual Abuse, Murder, Genocide and the list can go on for volumes and archives are all too often used in wars. There is a need for torture, however one must refrain from trying to justify such Evil acts and should not jump at the occasion, as a wrong is a wrong and a right is a right. Killing is killing, regardless of reasoning or otherwise. Torture is non-existent in the animal kingdom, they only kill to survive, protect or drive away. There is no such thing as a lion hunting for fun, torture, amusement, racism, hate etcetera. Animals can't hate or torture or be racist, they only eat, protect and establish territory. In Man you shall find killing for greed, fun, racism, ideologies, misunderstandings and intolerance to one another. Though many will sell you pathetic reasons for war, sugar coated to sound necessary though there is darker reasons of which you cannot comprehend, be patient and be thankful you aren't at the receiving end of that. I suppose "success" "first world" and great economy comes at a price, one that is quite hefty. While animal population is kept under control through diseases, natural disaster, winter, old age and inabilities, we humans have cures for disease, hospitals for natural disasters, heating and imports for winter, hospice for elderly and help for inabilities so nothing really keeps our population in check except our desire and nature to destroy one another through intolerance, greed and whatnot. Even if you take an oath seeking not to become an animal, it shall beckon you unreasonably until you do; just watch your family dog get hit by a car by accident, you'll be barking mad at the driver, seeking his demise.


So I guess you have never seen a cat torture a mouse, or a monkey torture another monkey before killing the other? I have on numerous occasions... No torturing in the animal kingdom? yeah, right....

It would be realistic if you

It would be realistic if you had scenes of American government pharmacists slipping drugs into its own troops food and water supply to make them fight like nutters. You could also have scenes where oil companies are telling the American government where to wage a war next. You are right though, the American military torture and mutilate its captives so why not put it in a game.........


dude, you and you're wacko conspiracy theories need to fall off the face of the earth. torture is part of war, and has been since the beginning of time. you need information from a captured enemy? if he won't give it to you, sometimes you have to explore different options. furthermore, the captured enemy has NO RIGHTS. he is an enemy combatant. don't think for a second that Russia, China, or any other country would not torture someone if they needed information. they would and do. difference is, in those countries they only ask you one time before brutally beating you to within an inch of your life. i'd rather be waterboarded.

Conspiracy theories aside,

Conspiracy theories aside, Chaos Theory alludes quite a lot to the US military involvement direct and/or indirect in other countries around the world and for the multitudes of purposes. Some NPCs you come across make references to proxy wars, ghost wars etc. and qualify by Sam Fisher's occupation, and before you point out that Splinter Cell is just a game, fair enough, but some proxy wars and ghost wars are quite well documented, for example, the war the Russians waged on Afganistan, whilst the US and the British had at that time denied their involvement, they had been surepeticiously funding, arming and provided training to the Mujahideen. Nowadays, information on this proxy war is VERY easy to find, similar things happen in oil rich nations in South America and of course Africa.


i wasn't trying to say that U.S. was "totally innocent". i don't believe ANY country is truly innocent during a time of war or high tension. war brings out the worst in everyone. people fighting for survival will become savages, if the need arises. the problem i had was with the guy posting above me. he acts as if America is the only country to use torture methods. i believe EVERY country uses torture to gain knowledge and information. i believe sometimes torture is used simply as "entertainment". but, the actions of one or a few DO NOT reflect the beliefs of an entire nation, as the above posting hinted to. i believe some individuals and their higher-ups take torture to "unethical" and "immoral" levels. again, these savage actions committed by a few, DO NOT reflect the beliefs of an entire country or its' military. these are bad apples, and should be removed from the barrel. those guilty of taking torture "to far" should be punished to the maximum. prison. for a long time.


Games ARE supposed to be fun. They are just games. Why don't people take a good look at some of the **** movies Hollywood produces? I mean, seriously, some of those movies are at least ten times worse than any video game could ever be. Look at all the horror movies in Hollywood like the SAW franchise, Hostel, and many, many more. Those movies are gruesome. Not only are they gruesome and visually disturbing, but they seem to have a theme. Torture. In those movies people are tortured to death to ways that are hard to describe. Why is there nobody attacking them for the **** they produce and bring to our TVs? But the media and their puppets would gladly attack video games. Of course Hollywood can't be attacked. It's a well known fact that Hollywood actors donate alot of money to politicians. So, attacking Hollywood movie violence and torture would mean less cash for politicians running for re-election. So sad. I think they should just leave the video game industry alone. I bet that if Bethesda, Rockstar, Ubisoft, or EPIC started donating money to political interests, the video game intustry wouldn't be bothered at all. And that's a sad reality.

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