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Mass Effect Sex


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Tits and ass are incredibly prevalent in modern society. Sex is used to sell products in advertising, actors are shamefully primped into digitally crafted sex symbols and TV shows like Toddlers in Tiaras, stretch the definition of acceptable television viewing. Sex is everywhere, but oddly, not in our games.

With the recent pulling of No Reply Games' sex focused, interactive story 'game' “Seduce Me” from Valve's Greenlight service due to breaking of the terms and conditions – for being an “offensive” title – sex is back in the headlines of gaming websites the world over, all of them asking the question, “does sex belong in video games?”

It could be argued that games purely focused around sex are pornographic in nature and therefore warrant some sort of segmentation perhaps, in the way it is with websites and traditionally with stores that cater specifically to it.

But what about games that just feature sex as a feature or component of the overall experience?

Every time a popular title attempts to put anything sex like in its games that goes beyond a fade to black and some grunts, there's a problem. Look at GTA: San Andreas' Hot Coffee mod, or the blue side boob that appeared for a brief second in Mass Effect 2. It all gets blown out of proportion, people that haven't even played the game or seen footage of the event start screaming “save the children,” and to some it seems as if the world is going to end.

Of course it never does and children are as corrupted as their parents allow them to be. These games have age ratings for a reason and if parents choose to ignore them it's their responsibility to set it right, or at least explain things to their kids so they understand and learn about the adult activity in a constructive way.

But should it be there in the first place? Well the obvious answer would be yes, for a variety of reasons.

1: Taking into consideration the age ratings I mentioned earlier, the average gamer is in their 30s at this point. Not only have they had sex, they've been living with internet pornography for over 15 years. Believe me, unless you're doing a game adaptation of The Serbian Film, this is nothing we haven't seen before.

2: Unless it's Manhunt, where ritualistic killing was censored because... it's the game the lobby groups decided to go after, murder barely raises an eyebrow from anyone. Killing is rampant in games. Just look at the fast Paragon leveller in Diablo III. He's killed almost two million monsters alone. If he can commit mass murder, why can't a game have a sex scene in it?

3: Sex is a part of life. For anyone that doesn't know, it's how babies are made. Shocking I know, but we all began our life at a moment of parental coitus and society is slowly beginning to lose the taboo. It's still there – and enjoyed by many – but the simple fact is that sex shouldn't be considered a naughty thing any more. It's in films, in advertising, television and there is absolutely no reason it shouldn't be in our games.

However, despite these very obvious reasons that sex should be included in games and accepted by the public as a simple part of the artistic medium, the blame isn't entirely on the shoulders of complainers. Game developers could also help the cause out.

Despite the criticism for its leud content, Mass Effect actually has an incredibly impressive and deeply emotional erotic part to it but it is a rarity. More often than not, we get adventurers fucking hookers, or silly quick time sex games or button mashing to fuck harder. This isn't the type of thing that detractors of sexual content in gaming are going to agree with, probably ever.

No I'm not saying that because lobbyists and complainers have stale sex lives that games should be the same, but there isn't a reason that sex can't be used as an emotional connector between characters either.

Games focused around getting the clothes off of a digital woman should be just as allowed to exist in our gaming spheres as the latest AAA blockbuster, but they don't further the cause of sex in video games as much as they could.

Not only do I believe that sex deserves to be a part of gaming, I think it deserves to have more credit as a part of the emotional story within a game. It doesn't need to be your character just getting his rocks off, or a nudge-nudge-wink-wink from the developers saying “we know what you gamers want, digital titties,” but a real way for players to connect with a character.

We talked a few weeks about about how Lara Croft's surviving of an attempted rape could be used to delve into all sorts of new character emotions within a game. How about include a sex scene in that game not long after the rape and make it optional. Have it so that players can decide. If she goes along with it, perhaps Lara is emotionally distracted and merely trying to forget a horrific experience, thereby not building a relationship with the male counterpart. Perhaps if she says no, players can learn something about his character.

Sex is a massive motivator in human life and it should be used in games as well, not just as a treat or a laughable aside, but a real part of the gameplay. It can be part of the story and part of the world the developers create.

It doesn't always have to be, just as not every single racing game has to be a sim like experience, but just now and again I'd like to see some real effort put into sex.

That last line could have been phrased better.

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Sex in Video games

This is the way I see it. Video games have hacked, garrotted, shot, crushed, murdered, horrified, sliced, mauled, terrified, killed and murdered in every conceivable manner imaginable. Yet most have squeaked by the censors and found their way onto our gaming consoles and computers. But show a little boob, or worse, a couple actually making love, and the censors, and certain public officials, go wild with outrage. Given that sex is natural and killing is not, it shows a lot about our values as a society. I honestly believe if society was less sexually suppressed, you'd see a lot less violence in video games.

First-hand experience from multiple fields

I work in the industry selling the games, have played them far too often for the last 25 years, and occassionally review them on the side. This is one of my biggest "what the hell is wrong with the world soap box rants" I feel so strongly about it that if I ever get around to it I will start a group to lobby all this nonsense. I have given speeches and written papers on these very types of speeches in every instance whether the teacher agreed or disagreed with me beforehand they agreed after hearing what I had to say. This is ridiculous. I am far less concerned with sex being or not being in videogames then I am with the "violent videogames makes people violent nonsense" This is a comment so I am not about to type my 10 page soap box rant here. What I will say is this. Parental controls have been on every electronic device known to man since the late 90's there is no option in it. Some of these games allow you to turn all the "naughty or violent bits" down. This is very poorly advertised as an actual option. Every time a newspaper or broadcaster talks about sex or violence in videogames it is always biased and poorly researched. From the "Mass Effect is selling Pornography to children" claims and the "Bully is a Columbine Simulator" these are two of many many instances in which a "hot button issue" is poorly researched and condemned. They will have stories that tell "both sides fairly" and any time it is some form of videogame professional reviewer developer what have you. They are always cut off in mid sentence. When regulations are made for the MPAA or the RIAA they are invited to the talks. When the ESRB regulations are changed or modified in some way they are simply "TOLD HOW IT IS GOING TO BE" I don't like or dislike sex in videogames. I have absolutely no problem with it IF IT IS DONE RIGHT. I see no reason to censor it. In the United States we live in an extremely over-sexualized state of mind. if a guy kisses another guy on the cheek he must be gay even though this is perfectly common in many countries. If a girl wants to be topless she must be a horny ho fo sho. There will always be something parents and society blame abnormal behavior on. If someone cannot understand something and they are close-minded they have to find a "reason" or explanation" for it. I say again if I ever get around to getting off my butt I will actually organize a group to protest the idiotic way in which violence and sex in videogames are covered in the media. Now addiction to videogames? THAT is a real problem. I may as well be plugged into my damn PS3 and PC. That is why I haven't organized some huge politcal revolt. Too lazy too much effort.

Just my opinion

Ok here's what I think and mind you this is just an opinion. Sex is okay if you give us a choice. Give us an option in the game and maybe an alternate story line or even a dlc so we can have it in the games but don't shove it in every game. It's just some people get uncomfortable with sex scenes while alternatively others enjoy it or even laugh at it. By giving us a choice we can have the games the way we like it. Plus if sex was packaged as a dlc theroe's more profit to be made then instead of having sales lowered by contravercial issues. Just give it some more time and let society make up its mind more. We all have the freedom to choose. Also I believe that it's a little unfair that some can or can't play games because of sex or violence. Give us an option let us press a button to either increase or decrease those things in our option menues. I know it's a lot to ask but it's just what I think would make the most people happy. It's just my opinion though. Everyone is entitled to their own.

America love violence, fears vaginas

Just watch the reaction of people (or yourself when reading those words). Violence Vagina One of those things every one has, creates life, is completely natural to use for pleasure. One of those things is anti-social and causes misery and suffering. When will our backwards society learn to celebrate the right one, and condemn the right one?


Tell me about it.. it's ironic though because they seem to be scared with sex but then again they also seem to be cranking 'em out like a winner at a casino slot machine. Americas society is sick and gross. And they wonder why they have all those maniacs killing others.


Well, that is naturally what you get when populating one continent mainly with the most radical nutbags from another continent. :)

This thing

You people are seriously fighting over this? This is why gamers like us fall on our faces all the time, we worry about the wrong things.. "oh there's no sex, boo hoo" or "BAN SEX YA FUCKER" and if you were to take a look at most of the comments the vast majority are bias and opinionated to the point of being not even worth reading. If you don't like the topic don't buy the game, don't click on the article, and open your fucking eyes. You people all seem to forget how stupid you sound. You wanna hear a girl moan for 30 minutes? seriously? It's laughable that you all clamor about something you can probably look up right now. This is an argument not worth arguing. I bid all you fuckshits and smartasses a good day and may you hopefully, oh I dunno, LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS

okay ..look

Okay first off after reading all the comments on this blog I have to laugh at it ! 1) I am a Chirstian, I have been playing video games since I was 3 years old. i grew up with mortal kombat , Bloodly Roar Street fighter and Castleviana and all that good stuff! 2) if you look back video games back in the day were really meant for kids and teenagers ( in the US). Back then it didn't take much to make a child happy. But now the Adults are enjoying them too so what happens the have to make something for the adults . 3) yes I agree with you on the face that the games have ratings on them for a reason. but you can't put it all off on the parents . You have parents out their doing their job in checking the ratings and all , But I hold the Stores that sale them accountable as well ! I have seen places like game stop , walmart sale games to an underage child to make profit. 4) I think as far as games go we really do need sex in the because to me it ruins the whole thing it has nothing to do with my faith or anything . I just think that games can be bad a$$ without it. to me all you need is a Killer story line , great graphics ( btw i am a 2 d game artist) , Great Charcaters with awesome weapons and your good to go! I just think because of all the sex we see on tv, media, the radio, in real life... it.. just would be played out ! 5) and beside the womens apparel in all the games now a days ... will you can just about see it all... why include sex? I don't think it's going to make the game any better. If the game suck it suck bottom line .

I played on the dark side...

My husband is really into God Of War. Knowing I enjoy gaming (if it is E-E10 because we have kids!) He convinced me to try it one night while the kids were asleep. First...the boobs? Really? Have a set of my own thanks, don't need them in my games. Second...the unrelenting violence. Made me queasy. I could not finish the game. I think video games have definitely taken a dark turn. ( I miss Mario.) However my husband is an adult, and I can not stop him from playing these games. I can however stop myself and my children. So he keeps his gross games in a locked drawer, and my kids continue to play Dora and The Bible Game (Which my son is awesome at <3).


Its the God of War, set in Ancient Greece did you expect to see a bunch of Xena's running around? Please, get some perspective, and if you don't want to see boobs, don't play a game made for 17 to 24 year old males. If you don't like whats on my PC leave, but don't tell me what to watch in my own home, thank you very much.

depends on your kids age.

you should let your kids play differents games then that such as E 10 which isn't bad at all. really games like spyro aren't bad games considering i now know you atleast own a ps2 theres games like ratchet and clank to play even tho some are T the game is completely animated and theres not swear words ect only references to swear words which your kids wont even understand.

I just dont want it in my

I just dont want it in my games. I think the buzz surrounding it is stupid, and a lot of the time it will just ruin my game. The only time I can see it being an asset is when a game is centered around the concept of love or just life.

What's the big deal?

Why does the change of view in society always take the harmless out of the worst in media? You take seeing a nipple of Janet Jackson's breasts so seriously you attempt to ban MTV for life from the super bowl? (I can't remember the event) Actual rape is far more serious, but should be laughed off later if it is seen in movies or games (because it is only media, and not reality). Then you get into inter-racial relations, gay marriage, and religious rights. Religion has nothing to do with whites marrying blacks, and media has nothing to do with gay marriage or sex opposing religion, because most often times media isn't trying to relate to religion as a whole, but to entertainment. After all that is blood/gore, which Mortal Kombat fans would know started this other movement to ban or restrict certain amounts of violence. Any 15-year-old kid who has understanding of basic to advanced levels of math and spelling could make a game that deals with cutting off a head, shooting someone in the face, or one that has guts spilling onto the floor. Well, as long as they have dedicated the time to learn some type of programming. No matter what, gore will be out there, and this bubble people live in will be making their lives miserable. If you are 15 or 50, you can design a game with a group of people, share it online or through disc, and get the same or perhaps a worse result than a major company. When it comes to media, I don't care what it is, does not bother me. Reality is another story, and there are far worse things than a simple 'nipple slip'.


I agree. there is no reason that games cant have sex in them. and if parents are worried about this, then its there fault. they should take the responsibility by making sure they don't play this game. sex would improve a lot of games by giving the characters closer bonds. sex is a part of everyone's life, (unless you live in your mom's basement) so why not add it to video games. its not even close to being as bad as killing like at least 75% of games have anyways...

no way

My hubby says it's a waste of time to add that crap into games. And since my daughter is usually around when we are playing video games, I think it needs to be left out. We have to check online before we can buy a game, because sometimes it wont say on the label if it has nudity or sex in it. Making a DLC for the perverts who can't get laid sounds like a better idea than to put it in the game for buyers who don't want it.

u hypocrite

What a hypocrite you are. Just because we think casual sex is ok just like in novels and movies you think that we want that because we can't get laid? Sorry hun we don't live in the 1970's anymore. I'm married. I have my women but nothing wrong with sensual romantic scene and my wife is shun up on these sex scenes. She laughs at them. "Since my daughter is around when we are playing games." Oh aren't you a saint. Protect your daughter from bad things. Kudos to you but GASP.... it's ok for your daughter to see your husband decapitate or headshot a person..!? Again... hypocrite and demented. I just don't understand why you Americunts can't think rationally or logically. If you don't like sex then that's your prerogative but insulting others just because they like it is none of your business.

A bit more nuance

So it's all okay to have your daughter watch someone being blown to bits, having their guts splattered all over the screen? Look at modern games, blood and gore everywhere, but if someone flashes a little bit of flesh (in the good sense) it's all so not done. I'm 100% sure this is all due to the general American mentality of being prude. Tolerating shocking murders is okay, showing a breast is suddenly the most obscene thing. Who gave you birth? Eventually your kids will find out how to see anything on the net. Age-ratings have a purpose and it's up to us as parents to disallow those too young to view that material access to them. Monitoring what your child is up to is also part of parenting, just like you'd watch your toddler out on the street so (s)he doesn't run into traffic, right? RIGHT? Let us adults CHOOSE what we want in our games! I liked playing FallOut New Vegas and certainly wouldn't mind seeing the otherwise blacked out adult scenes. After all, showing the guts blast out a corpse is fine too. Your hubby doesn't speak out freely it seems, for many games there are very popular adult mods and mine likes them if tasteful. It's hardly a waste. Get your prudent narrow-minded head out of your arse and accept that nudity isn't weird or creepy, we are born that way! Sex is part of the cycle of life. Blood, gore and murder isn't!


How ironic you call people nerds with your stereotype but yet you're on the internet, and playing video games. Something that is considered a nerds thing.

Its OK

I see no problem with this. It's only in the USA that you people want to censor everything. So sex sells. There's money to be made. All they have to do is add the "MA" rating to it. Get real PEOPLE !!

Wasted development

I am not against sex in videogames, but I do think that sex scenes are a waste of development time. I mean... let's take Mass Effect 2 as an example...I would like them to spend the time they spent on the sex/romance scenes to implement a better planetary mining system, or a longer story...

Its true

I worked on Mass Effect 2 and it took our team 4 months of research before we perfected the timing of fading to black. I was against it but you know, sex sells.

Why not?

As long as it's consensual, no harm done. There is no excuse for depicting rape in a game (no, it does not develop your character or make him/her stronger. Real life rape is always traumatizing, never empowering), but if everybody involved is agreeing, just go for it.

No, buuuut

A beautiful woman is not what the quote is talking about, really..... No one looks like the 16 year old models on the Covergirl commercials. Even beautiful women. A beautiful woman can be beautiful and at the same time in no way resemble any "woman" we use for gaming reference. That being said, gratuitous sex in games is just awkward and clearly pandering to "overwhelmingly male" audiences. And let's not mention Japanese games along the lines of RapeLay..... Which are genuinely wrong, in my humble opinion. It's only when women are in charge of what naked women you see on TV, or games, and in what context, that you MIGHT start to see meaningful sex. Sex should be a female issue, handled by women. The culture we have now is a great example of what happens when sex is handled by men.

Listen here.

I'm tired of people using RapeLay as an example, it was an underground game developed by a single person, not a large development studio. It was not meant to be public and does not at all reflect the general take Japanese society has on rape. Were the elements it consisted of morally wrong? Yes, but let me ask you this: Would you rather have someone live out their desires vicariously through a video game, or would your rather have them go outside into the world and commit those acts themselves? I'm not condoning that games like RapeLay should be accessible by the general public, only that you should look a little deeper than the surface to see the good and the bad. Have you played many erotica games? I'm guessing not, you would have a completely different outtake on how sex can be handled and used in games if you did. As someone who actually does have experience playing many Japanese and non-Japanese games involving or consisting entirely of erotic elements, I can say that sex and rape can very well be used to build emotional attachment to characters, I can also say that men have the capability to provide meaningful levels of sex in their games, it is not particular to either gender but rather the individual creator. Unless you've actually gone out there and looked at these games, played them and critiqued them, keep your opinion to yourself. And, instead of saying that a specific gender does one thing better than another gender why not promote that both genders can work in unison to bring out elements that appeal to both male and female audiences? Oh, wait, men can't be a part of the process can they? They'd just fuck it up right? So much for equality. Also, why the fuck can't I separate my god damn paragraphs? Is this some mystical power that only article authors are allowed to use?

Considering your claim to

Considering your claim to have experience with japanese erotic games, I'm surprised at you saying RapeLay was by a single dude for the underground scene. It was made by Illusion, one of the biggest eroge production companies in Japan, and is actually the third of such games to be made by them.


We at Illusion have continually apologized for the trauma our product has caused. Rapelay was only intended to teach young japanese girls the dangers of using deserted shortcuts while walking at night. We are troubled that the game's original purpose has been unfortunately skewed by the media and have learned our lesson on trying to teach via video games. Arigato

I've killed people in the

I've killed people in the games. I've shoot them, I've poked out their eyes, I've stepped on their heads till they bursted, I've ripped off their limbs, I ate their corpses, I spit/pee on their corpses, I've killed them even knowing that they have families and their reasons. It all was in games, covered in blood and guts and even sometimes with a pinch of humor. So why can't I have some sex in games as well? Rated 18 is for a reason.

sex in video games

A rating system has been put in place as now there are much more adult gamers out there now and games being catered to them. just like a 10 yr old in a video store. and there are many adult titles available to rent or buy so you wouldnt go and rent out faces of death for your children or blacks on blondes would you? The ratings are in place so you use them. i personally hope to see developers use the rating system to the full exstent! like differnt version of the same game etc. C, E, E10+,T,M,A were applicable.


If you don't want sex in your video games then don't buy that video game, if you don't want your kids to play games with sex...don't buy it for them. If your kid can use a computer, chances are he has already seen naked women or men. or you could always try talking to your children about sex...try being a good parent regardless of your religious beliefs.


The Victorian era ruined sex for everybody, damn prudish bastards. Look at history, the Romans, the greeks, hell look at what they pulled out of Pompeii (secret life of pornography doco highly recommend) sex was celebrated in the same way we celebrate our abilities to jump and dance or sing or any of the other amazing things we can do with our bodies, it didnt become dirty until a few hundred years ago,what all these freakin religious nuts dont understand is sex isnt dirty its not a bad secret thing that we must hide from, infact the only question that should ever be asked about sex regards consent and im pretty sure all video game characters consent to what they do. IF GOD DIDNT WANT US TO HAVE SEX IT WOULDNT BE ENJOYABLE. Religion is a method of control created by those who were not born into power, it is so freakin obvious I cant belive it still exists but I guess at least it keeps all the morons inline. To that person at the top with the freakin novel of a post... You suck... But also think about this, what you hold to be true you have been told by man and simply believe, what I hold to be true is drawn from logical conculsions made by using the mind god gave me, which makes more sense?

Ah, fornication. You have

Ah, fornication. You have made quite a name for yourself lately, have you not? Yes, you have been quite naughty… As evidenced by a study of any effort and at any length, from obvious to in-depth, out of all of the major mortal sins, most of the souls that have gone to hell within the past century if not more have been damned for fornication. Sex is for reproduction, yet we’ve managed to turn its pleasure aspect into the #1 reason for eternal damnation. Incredible. Bravo, humanity. Like the Devil’s greatest lie––to convince the world that he doesn’t exist––the major mortal sin of fornication has, surpassing every one of its other dark brethren, successfully beguiled the world of its destruction and own gravity. It has blinded the eyes of cultures with no little success. It whispers, and men rush to obey. Amen I say to you: If God could eliminate only one major mortal sin from being counted amongst you, he would eliminate fornication, because it makes of murder a kitten, because the destruction of no other would prosper his Kingdom more. Murder takes lives. Fornication takes souls. Abraham Lincoln once said that if he had six hours to chop down a tree, he would spend the first four sharpening his axe. Regardless of belief system, instruction on the avoidance of fornication must begin before and especially during the teenage years. This early and firm––in other words, clear––instruction will serve people much better and stronger than even a greater focus on it but situated later in life. For the purposes of clarity alone, ‘fornication’ is defined here as ‘any sort of sexual act between unmarried persons.’ Such acts most popularly include manual sex, oral sex, or intercourse. This clarification is vital, since there seems no end of mortal sinners who would refer to themselves as ‘virgins,’ or lay claim to chastity or some other purity, simply because they haven’t committed standard intercourse, but have indeed given or received manual sex or oral sex. Evil is as evil does, pure and simple. Some will defend fornication in particular with “sex is natural”… and then wear plastic. You want ‘natural’? Get pregnant. That’s what ‘the birds and the bees’ means. We are like swans who take one mate for life. Oh, what? You like the pleasurable part of ‘natural’ but not the baby part? Oh, you’re not ‘ready’ for a baby yet! Guess what? You’re not ‘ready’ for the pleasurable part either. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t take much to suddenly be ready for both at once. It’s called ‘marriage.’ Ah, may nature take its course! Fornicators also tell themselves not to be ashamed of themselves. Amen I say to you: Do not be ashamed of God’s will. Indeed, do not even afford evil the slightest influence over your hearts. In catechizing others, there may always be a better ‘how’––I do not claim to be an expert on ‘how’––but the ‘what’ is always the same: Fornication is absolutely forbidden, all its forms. It is forbidden intrinsically, ‘intrinsically’ meaning: it is impossible to find a valid excuse to fornicate, ‘valid’ meaning: an excuse valid with God. If you disagree with any of God’s teachings on the sanctity of human sexuality, you disagree with and cannot partake of human sexuality. To be perfectly clear, fornication is forbidden during or between or in the form of: dating, one night stands, cohabitation, ‘girlfriend’ and ‘boyfriend’ relationships, strangers, friends, fiancés, and in or between any and every other fashion or relationship. In other words, there is no such thing, in God’s eyes, unlike in the eyes of man, as pre-marital ‘commitment.’ Neither living together, nor referring to someone as one’s ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend,’ nor dating, nor entering the pre-marital fiancé stage, nor any other familiar illusion of commitment provides an actual scenario of commitment––if one cares about what God thinks, that is––nor of ‘cheating’ on someone, nor of a valid nuptial or conjugal or sexual act. There used to be a time when to be a ‘slut’ was a bad thing. Now we don’t call it ‘bad’. Or we don’t call them ‘sluts.’ Many if not most women these days are so ‘easy.’ So many grossly unworthy of the skin they’re in. I’ve no doubt that there are many women who would practically beg someone to move in together––music to the ears of most men who would love to fornicate, especially if she hasn’t yet given it up, but would do so if cohabitating––as if she’s fooled herself into believing that cohabitating means that they’re one step closer to tying the knot. Women these days make it so easy for fornicating men that such men barely even have to try anymore. Ask Christ if sex before marriage is okay and he’ll say that no one who loves another ever shares, offers, accepts, or asks for a sexual act from them, before they give everything else first: their exclusive lifelong vow and unity in marriage, and, if ever necessary, even life itself. When it comes to sexual morality, we tend to get what we deserve. Someone who ‘gives it up’ before marriage is likely to marry a spouse who has done likewise, with the decreased standards and quality of marriage that brings, which seem to be least expected by the untrue spouses themselves. Someone who doesn’t ‘give it up’ before marriage is likely to marry a spouse who has done likewise, with the increased quality and happiness of marital love that brings, that fornicators deny themselves and consequently claim doesn’t exist. If you’re single and looking, you don’t have to do much praying to find out how Christ wants you to find someone: This should be a given, but: there’s nothing wrong with dating. Unlike the way many horrible forms of media and entertainment treat it, it’s an innocent sexless act in which you simply get to know people. In fact I’d probably personally recommend dating a lot, with a lot of different people, even in a small amount of time, especially if you’re rather time-economic about the matter. A very useful aspect of convincing anyone who isn’t yet particularly anti-fornication is to begin like this: Unlike so many other evil things, pedophile acts are something that seem to always be considered evil, by almost everyone, regardless of how otherwise horrible or lacking their sexual morals are. Pedophile acts are a universal sexual immorality that no one would dare support. As such, they make a great first focal point in introducing the mindset that we must have on all fornication: If potential fornicators, or non-fornicators who aren’t necessarily yet anti-fornication, or even already-fornicators, consider pedophile acts to be an evil thing, all they must then do is extend that very same mindset, to all fornication. What they think of pedophile acts––nothing more than fornication with a child––must extend until it encompasses even consensual fornication between two consenting adults. Remember that we don’t actually have a ‘right’ to ‘consent’ to how another person uses ‘our’ body, because consenting to something being given away or lent presupposes that the one doing the consenting owns what is being given away or lent. We don’t ‘own’ the bodies we’re in. God does. You don’t want God to cease owning your body. That’s what the state after death called ‘hell’ is all about. The greatest Vatican document regarding God’s will on sexuality that I have ever had the pleasure to come across is 1975’s Persona Humana (The Human Person) which may be read either by typing in the following lengthy internet URL or by searching for it by name using the Vatican website’s Advanced Search feature, with English selected as the language, at Generations are blind to their own evils. Persona Humana is truly an instruction for the present one, which sees people not as God’s creations owned by God and owned by God alone, but as animals, free for the taking. Oh how ignorance is bliss. Mentality can be so twisted in one who does not believe in a Creator, or who believes in him but does not acknowledge him––does not realize him––affecting the way one perceives or understands others. The mind of one who acknowledges God is drastically different from one who does not, especially as regards people. A lot about avoidance of sexual mortal sins if not other types as well is about dispelling this ‘ignorance is bliss’ mindset that the godless mind will have. If we, humanity, are actually nothing more than creatures of a creator, then this life is something of, not so much a ‘lie’, with its negative connotations, but a dream, (an ironic and true comparison with atheistic claims of the next life being a lie or dream, when in fact this one is the dream) that we must see for what it is, and simply avoid mortal sin long enough to get into the only life that isn’t a dream: the eternal one with God. The scenario we’re in is alarmingly like the film The Matrix. This is a dream and it’s our purpose to wake up, and to wake up the world. It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in this dream, which is why I think so many find it hard to reach this mindset. I would pity them if not for how blissful their ignorance must be. Once you ‘wake’, you never go back to sleep. In fact the greatest mystery is this: What will eternal life be like? That answer which God keeps from us until that life begins for those judged there. It’s strange but true that we press on towards the goal of this eternal life even while in an existence so separate from it. It’s a strange situation indeed. The primary purpose of life, and indeed what seems like the only purpose, is to do whatever we can to influence individual souls to make it into heaven and not hell. Save a life and you save the world. Someone’s eternal soul means the entire world to that one person. No matter what happens in the grand scheme of things, someone has gone to heaven, and that someone is eternally blessed, and someone else has gone to hell, and that someone is eternally cursed. This is something we can help, and this is our purpose, even through all the muck and mystery of this stage. Get to heaven, and make sure there will be many people there to greet you. Foresight. Life requires foresight. The stakes are just too unimaginably high. Imagine life in reverse and base your life on that. It must be hinged on foresight. Heaven first, earth after. The first things are last, and the last things are first. People have made entirely too many mistakes by now to continue learning from their own instead of another’s. The mistakes of others are a gift to you. Use it. Life is entirely too short to learn from your own mistakes. And then there’s the afterlife. Our Purge in Purgatory, and subsequently Heaven, is one of the most wonderful things to look forward to, because it will wipe out of us all the horrible ways we’ve been ‘programmed’ that result in our frustrating disordered passions. For whatever reason that the way that we’ve been programmed has a place in God’s plan, it will not be missed. Someday we’ll be free of our horrible flawed mindsets, and become completely holy––truly like God––forever. Lastly is a list I previously brainstormed of all the evils which are owed to fornication alone, the destruction of which would mean the almost complete destruction of every item on this list. The effects of fornication are so huge, so numerous, that even this may not be an extensive list, but, even as it is, it is a sobering testament to the power of what it means to be the most popular mortal sin. This list has the power to sway even some proponents of fornication. I refer to the list of the Effects of Fornication as ‘The Many Faces of Fornication’: - Damnation - Abortion - Break-up of families - Child sex abuse - Children growing up without both biological parents - Children more susceptible to fall victim to sexual abuse by ‘stepfathers’, or their mother’s ‘boyfriends’, or others, or physical or mental abuse - Children much less likely to be raised being taught the most core morals, continuing a vicious cycle - Cohabitation that involves sex, presented as valid by an illusion of commitment created by living together - Confusion and unsureness regarding serious sexual morals/ethics - Contraceptive sex acts inside or outside of marriage - Damage to the image of popularity/majority opinion of morality/goodness/God - Dating handled as an occasion for sex instead of simply getting to know someone in search of one’s life spouse - Decline of cultural morality - Decrease in interest in and financial support to Christian churches and charities fighting starvation and disease - Decrease in interest in God/goodness and increase in hatred of ‘religion’ due to satisfaction with mortal sin - Decrease of human dignity - Degradation of marriage and meaning of the marital vows - Depression - Disinterest in the gift of the marital act and unity - Disrespect of women - Divorce - Drugging and date-rape - Examples in mass media and communication of fictional characters fornicating, thereby further promoting it - Gay marriage advocation with reason and logic making it look fair, due to ignorance about why God made sex - Haunting memories in everyone personally touched by any of these evils - Human rights violations involving a sexual nature - Human trafficking; the sex slave trade; sex tourism, much of which is made up of children - Incest - Increase in desire for contraceptive sex acts with spouse - Increase in lustful wear, lust, and impure thoughts - Increase in magnitude of perversions due to gradual indulging in ever-worsening perversions - Internet websites that aid those seeking a sexual partner - Islamic Jihadist hatred against pro-fornication cultures, also resulting in terrorism and terrorism-related deaths - Public places used for and popular for ‘cruising’, seeking a sexual partner, such as nightclubs - Mental damage related to a sex act - No reason to marry - Painting the pro-fornication culture as the worst example of what that freedom brings, as if it must lead to evil - Pornography - Pro-fornication messages in media, communication, internet, TV, films, magazines, etc. - Prostitution - Rape - Reason to be in denial about and against God/goodness, as well as thereby inviting other vices and mortal sin - Sexual harassment - Sharing of nude photos or video online or by cell phone - STDs - Tax-payer dollars spent in fighting any of these applicable evils - Tax-payer dollars spent to actually support abortion, contraception, pro-fornication, or any other of these evils - Too much extra work for already busy law enforcement officials - Unwanted pregnancy - Unwillingness to have children - Use of the terms ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ to create the illusion of a valid commitment in which sex is valid - Women’s ‘rights’ used as promiscuity’s guise to hide women’s true right to not be sex objects for men

your sky fairy is a ...

your sky fairy is a lie not just his pretend enemy AND HAS NO BARING ON THIS DISCUSSION . The God and Goddess encourage me to be kind to all (ESPECIALLY THE MENTALLY CHALLENGED) so with extreme difficulty i will just say "had yer weeshed min you've dribbled doon yer chin"


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