Microsoft’s Digits Lets You Control All Gadgets With Hand Gestures

A research team working at Microsoft has unveiled a bracelet that is able to capture its bearer’s hand gestures precisely in real time in order to control TVs, computers, smartphones and games.

The device, called “Digits,” uses a ring of LEDs to illuminate the hand and allow its infrared sensors to scan it precisely.

The current prototype is a bit bulky as it was developed using off-the-shelf components. However, the team intends to shrink it considerably as it enters commercial production stage. “Ultimately we would like to reduce Digits to the size of a watch that can be worn all the time,” explained project leader David Kim. “We want users to be able to interact spontaneously with their electronic devices using simple gestures and not even have to reach for their devices.”

A key advantage of Digits is that it is attached only to the user’s wrist, and so it doesn’t confine its user to a fixed place. This means that Digits users will be able to use it to interact with their tucked-in smartphones while going about their everyday activities. They can also use it to control different devices when they come within their ranges. For example, a user might use Digits to control his PC while in his bedroom and switch it to control the TV when he enters the dining room.

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Leaps great problem is that

Leaps great problem is that it was made to stay under your hands, not above. If only its creators had spent more time on kinecthacks (dot) net they would know how tiring and impractical that can be. Until that issue is addressed the leap won't be going anywhere. Addressing such a thing isn't simple either, can you think of a way to make it look good while standing above your hands?

Haha, your a dumbass... did

Haha, your a dumbass... did you actually read the article?? Off the shelve hardware, and that they are developing into a watch size device? You are truly an idiot. Uhh... I look at picture... I make comment... im a ******* ******.... duuuuh. You ******* moron!!!


its not far off to think that this device could function as a keyboard and mouse for a computer that fit in your pocket and was displayed on a pair of glasses ... also if you where reading the article it said it was made with commercially available parts and their makeing one much smaller

Sorry, it seems you are

Sorry, it seems you are largely ignorant as to what this current device is capable of so let me explain. No it can't be used to display a keyboard via augmented reality glasses, as the gadget is strapped to your hand you don't have the freedom to slide your hand to different parts of the keyboard, so even if you wore 2 of these it still wouldn't be enough, besides it would be ridiculously tiring to hold your hands in the air to type, thats why kinect keyboard applications let you use a flat surface instead. As a mouse it would be somewhat ****** for the same reason, its strapped to your hand so it can't detect when you move your hand, only fingers and mouse controled by fingers would be horrible (touchpad users will know) or if they put an accelerometer in it it could track hand movements, but it would be horribly innacurate (hence why nintendo didn't use it to control the wii mouse pointer, they opted for the infrared sensor bar instead). Finally, the kinect was made with commercially available parts too, or rather, microsoft only licensed a product offered by another company (primesense) and put it inside the black casing we now know.


first of all i started off by saying "its not far off to think" as in the devices potential , secondly i didnt say that i would display a keyboard or mouse,but act as one. i was more imagining more of a sign language ... (5 digits X 2 joints a piece X range of motion) im sure they could come up with something


I could flame you by saying I wouldn't think of that because I am surrounded by ladies all the time and have no need for such things. But then I wouldn't be on MG. So good point!

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