Sony CEO: We’ll Show Our Next Console Only After Microsoft Shows Its Own

Sony president, Kaz Hirai, seems to be content on repeating the company’s PlayStation 3 launch mistake by holding off PlayStation 4 (Orbis) release until Microsoft has launched its Xbox 360 predecessor (Durango).

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" he explained to British magazine, The Times.

With both Orbis and Durango specs nearly finalized, most enthusiasts expected official announcements to be made during this year’s E3 expo in June. This looks less likely now.

This quest for processing power superiority has lead Sony to release PlayStation 3 a full year after Xbox 360. When Sony’s consoles finally made it to the market in 2006, its main competitor had already enjoyed a market lead of 10 million units sold. Even worse, Nintendo Wii was released around the same time PlayStation 3 was launched but it still managed to overshadow both consoles before the end of 2007, effectively proving that raw processing power is not the decisive factor in this market.

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Neither of them are better. What happened to the good days where you'd go out, buy a game, throw it in your CD-ROM drive, install it and play it for hours on end? Consoles couldn't compare to a PC, and yet the present-day games released for the computer are suffering. Take for example - WWII Fighters released by Jane's Combat Simulations. That was a -real- combat simulator, now you have the crap like Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters, there's no game these days that just can not go without having a console esque design.

Dude your a moron playstation

Dude your a moron playstation three has the most flawed and hackable network out to date only thing good is the disks don't scratch easily and it has free multiply player but most of the top rated multiplayer or single player game franchises have been released for the 360 and I can say all this because I've owned all consoles that have been released except for hand helds and in my opinion id much rather pay a membership fee for some TRUE QUALITY gaming

You're Fun

*puts on tinfoil hat* You ever think that maybe it was Microsoft that had Sony's network hacked to make people think their system was better?

You're* a moron.

I have both systems, and prefer my PS3. It's more customizable to my needs or preferences. It also has less "fluff" to the Main GUI. The only games that are exclusive to Xbox that are well known are Halo and Gears of War. Other then that, Ps3 has many more exclusives like God of War, Uncharted, KillZone, Twisted Metal, Metal Gear Solid, ETC. Not to mention the latest released exclusive "The Last of Us". Both systems are good for their respective reasons, but PS3 is a more powerful, and complete system.

I prefer my PS3 as well; the

I prefer my PS3 as well; the hardware on my Xbox 360 is buggy, and the thinner PS3s are pretty reliable. Being a bit of a Sony/Microsoft fanboy, I have to explain a few things... But the main problem with the PS3 is that it doesn't have any desktop interoperability, and there are so many PS3 models with different capabilities; I play Steam games on my PC all the time with my Xbox 360 controller, and the controller is far superior. The network on PS3 also seems rushed, people who play on PS3 are more inclined to play alone, whereas people on the Xbox are more likely to play multiplayer. There are even ways you can play FPS' with a keyboard and mouse on the Xbox 360, which won't work on a PS3. As a PC user, I can walk up to my Xbox 360, and play games on it in the same way I do with Steam, whereas PS3 the online seems forced, the controller is terrible, and the software for it is incredibly buggy. The PS4 will probably be able to solve most of these problems, excluding the controller issues. Microsoft wins with polish, Sony wins with their games list, and Nintendo wins with both creativity, and ease of use.


Did you read the article? How can MS copy something that isn't being released until after their console? The whole point of the article is that Sony made the same mistake last time - so Microsoft can't have copied them back then either. What's your point exactly?

You're Fun

You must not pay any attention to the news...Playstation announced they will be releasing their console this year. Microsoft has been quiet about their's, looks like your comment is based off an uninformed position. In other words, you're dumb. Also Microsoft DID copy the console concept from Sony because Sony was gearing their console around serious gamers at the time when the first XBox came out. In other words, you're dumb...again. Also Microsoft as a whole is garbage. They care about money first and then, if they get enough money, they will introduce a new feature to get you to spend more money. Lets take their OS, there are free OSs out there(Linux) now it may be slightly more complicated but $200 for Windows... Now for Office, if their prices weren't bad enough before now Microsoft is going to charge either a monthly or annual fee that, if you don't pay, won't allow you to make new documents after your subscription expires. Open Office is free and can be saved in the Microsoft Office format...What??? And finally the XBox, you can get online for free, but you can't play...dumb. Pay a monthly/yearly or whatever fee to be able to do what you can do on the PS3 for free...why? I had an XBox and a 360 and got rid of them once I decided to get a PS3. Sure PS3 has it's issues but at least I don't have to pay a monthly sub to get online and play a game with my friends. Also...fanbois are funny try using legitimate arguments instead of "This is better because this game is better!" OR "[insert console name here] owns your [insert console name here]." That is not directed at everyone just the dumb ones that don't provide a legitimate argument.

u are a supertardo

no, **** sony for having the worst servers and online experience along with the only exclusives being a button mashing kiddie game called god of war, killzone series, and resistance. Xbox has better controllers, better online that only cost's as much for a year as some of you idiots spend on pot in a week (quit ******** about paying for service when it's better). Oh, and don't forget the halo series which has the best campaign and multiplayer in one awesome package and the gears series, both developers offer something new every week for their fans...........all ps3 will ever have is the most cod fans who whine when they miss a hit marker and yell "hacker" when it's really the *******servers and lag.

My Reply to "u are a supertardo"

X box controllers, clunky pieces of ****, Halo, one of the shittiest series of games going, I'd rather play on my ******* Atari than waste my time on your *******box. I've used almost every console and handheld ever out, I believe that X box holds up their end of the fight between them and Sony, but the only thing that actually beats a PS3 in gaming quality, is unrivalled by anything, a PC. So shut your ******* ***** holes and leave it alone. X box or PS3, who gives a ****? It's about personal preference. PS: I happen to know for a fact the PS3 is a more powerful system, with a higher graphics rating than near any other system. You see those *******Youtube videos comparing the graphics? The X box is always lagging, because they have it on the best quality the X box has, on an HD TV connected with a HDMI cable, the PS3, however is on the worst settings, with only a HDMI cable for a superior quality even on the Youtube videos, compare the pixilation, PS3 wins in graphics. So stop ******** about that ****.


Buddy, you need to calm down, and so does the guy you replied to. Also, It looks like the only reason you put the, "X box or PS3, who gives a ****? It's about personal preference", in there was so people wouldn't rage at you, because you sound very biased.


What the hell are YOU on about? Halo Reach and 4 are the worst of the series, so its dying. The new Gears game is ***. And don't forget that CoD is more popular on 360 than anything else, with a higher amount of people on PSN that hate the **** game. btw, CoD doesn't have dedicated servers so your ending made no sense either. The service isn't "better" IMO. I don't pay for kids to say they ****** my mom anymore mate. If I pay for their service, they should remove ads from my dashboard. They still don't. They still get that advertising money even though I pay them for their premium ****. God of War isn't a kiddie game. Just no. You only mentioned shooters, so yes, the PS3 WILL disappoint you. I'm sorry if some of us play other games.


Playstation: The PS1, was very fun for driving games. My cousin had a PS1, I had a PS2. Ratchet and clank was a personal favorite, along with The Star Wars battlefront series and need for speed. I had over 60 games. My PS2 was broken by my sister's friend at her birthday party, so I purchased the in between version of the PS3 ( was the large version but without the PS2 compatibility). Anyways, I loved playing Call Of Duty 3, it was a huge leap forwards from the TPS I played on the previous system. I continued to buy the Call of Duty games in this order: 3, Modern Warfare 2, World at War,Modern Warfare, Black ops, Modern Warfare 3, Black ops 2, and I am currently waiting for the Modern Warfare 3 sequel, rumoured to be called "Ghosts will Rise" or simalar title related to the Modern Warfare 2 character "Ghost", Who cannot die. Nonetheless, I later jumped back to the TPS games, now Army of Two, and Army of two the 40th day. I beat them multiple times and I now play online and unlock all the masks. I guess you could call me a fanboy, I have a PS3 at each of my houses and I yearn for the day Starwars Battlefront || makes a comeback. I grew up with the playstaition 2, knowing every detail of how to fix a bug, or get some cheats. It made me happy when I was down, so I loved it. I cried when it broke ( I was seven), it was one of my best friends and its day had come, so I bought its son, and I defend the Playstation's honor when it is insulted. Call me what you will... A ****** A ****** A fanboy But I love the Playstation. If you'd like to add me online, my account is D4JUGGURNAUT THANKS FOR READING! Canada Rocks.


All I have to say is that i bought my PS2 brand new in 2001, and the PS2 was manufactured in 1999 according to the mfgr date on the back of it. Guess what? I've never had problems with it. Now I occasionally use it to watch DVDs and CVS2...

CEO Of Operatives

There are some truly ignorant people here. I have had both for many years as well. The PS1 was my first console ever, and it was wonderful. Then I bought the Xbox after a few years of playing strategy games like Command and Conquer Generals, and of course counter strike. When I obtained my Xbox, halo was the first FPS that I had played that was well thought out. (Mind you, I said "the first "I" had played. And at that point I had played very few, so don't give me crap about it.") Then the 360 followed. I started getting into the Call of Duty franchise, per recommendation of many of my friends. Anyways, I visited a friends house at some point. (ive had the Xbox 360 Elite (the black one) for about a year now) He was playing a PS3 RPG by the name of Demon Souls. After getting a chance to play that game, I was instantly hooked, and quickly bought a PS3 Slim. (I was disappointed that it did not have PS2 platform capabilities that came with the first gen PS3, which was a downgrade. I was disappointed.) I have many games for both consoles. Now, im also a final fantasy fan. So I used the PS3 mainly for the final fantasy franchise, which led me only using the PS3 for RPG's. (not including The elder scrolls and Fallout games.) So I cant really say anything about PSN since i've rarely used it. But the few times that I have played on there, there are very few hackers that actively exploit FPS games during ONLINE matches, which is true on both Xbox and PS platforms. I am slightly biased since i've mainly used XBOX live For Shooters since the beginning of my console years. I know for a fact that neither gaming communities suck. Also, to the person who said that Halo and COD don't take skill, you ARE mistaken. Just the fact that there are even tournaments held for those two games alone proves that there is obviously skill involved. Let alone the fact that there are individual WINNERS. (*gasp*) All first person shooters take a fair amount of planning, strategy, and reaction time to master, even more so when they're online. There was, is, and always will be, CAMPERS on EVERY platform in EVERY online game. And to the PC lover, there (surprisingly enough) was ONE game that had 120-140 player matches. It is called MAG. Its a PS3 game. I didn't discover MAG until several years after it was released, so I decided not to buy it, assuming it was already a dead game. Im not sure how successful it was though. ANYWAYS, both platforms are wonderful, though I use them for two totally different types of games. Sales DOES NOT determine which consoles are better, to an extent. They are both great. Everyone is just biased. All the "fanboys" are just kids who have grown up on a certain console or other, and is simply biased because he doesn't know anything else. And when he sees a chance to announce his "console allegiance", he will, and he will also talk **** about anyone that opposes him as much as possible. I say that, but honestly I would prefer if people wouldn't argue about this unless they've ACTUALLY owned both consoles and truly gotten to KNOW each console before talking trash about them. Always know both sides of an argument thoroughly before arguing one point, otherwise youll be bound to lose the fight. And I also think illiterate people who cant ******* type or spell worth **** should just stay away from computers. It drives me insane when they enter an argument, because every single person, no matter which side, will tell him to **** off. All they do is make themselves look like bumbling fools that aren't capable of being worth anything more than the **** that comes out their ***. Anyways, my rant is over. Oh, by the way, for you "teen fanboy" haters, I myself am a teen, and I don't think ive said anything that labels me as such, let alone being "stupid", "Ignorant", or a "Dumbass". I look forward to any replies to my post, as I am curious about what people have to say. PS3 is technically better because of storage space, color, and resolution that the 360 can't replicate due to processor speed. Yes, it was a mistake that Sony released later than the 360, it drove many of their would be customers directly into Microsoft's arms. Sony is not going out of business any time soon, but not at all for the sales of the console as both Microsoft and Sony takes a hit of every console they sell. Sony tried to recuperate some of this money (as they took a very large hit, I don't remember an exact number but it is easily in the hundreds) by downgrading the PS3 to no longer be backwards compatible so PS2's still sold, and before you say it, yes we sold quite a bit of them because ps3's price point was way too high for most people as they just bought a 360. The only reason people are buying PS3's so much is that they are the highest rated blu-ray player currently on the market, mostly because of the amount of ram they contain. Which means the royalty Sony gets from most of their console sales are not close to making up the money they lost on the console itself. And Ps3's are junk, just like 360's. Just as there were 4 versions of PS2's depending what facility manufactured your unit, each with their own problems same thing happened with the PS3. Although the average user would never know the difference between them as they way you tell was what pieces (like screws) were missing from inside. On the PS3 there is a thing called the "yellow eye" it is the same problem as the red ring but under a different name, the reason it happens is even the same, just like Microsoft, Sony didn't want to install a liquid cooling system for size, weight, and cost reasons but they really should be liquid cooled instead of air. Also did you know the reason you have probably never heard of the yellow eye is that Sony made sure the media knew about the problem and made sure it stayed in the public eye? Now for the lazy people.... Tl;Dr PS3 sucks, so does the 360. I own both. sources - 10 years in technology retailers, 3 of those years as technology repair, Sony's training website for employees.

My point of view :)

Well what you say is true about the allegiance part and the fanboys, but i had spent 2-3 years on xbox live and a year on the ps3, as for the online community the xbox is alot better since you can join your friends more easily and connect to partys to talk over mic with out having to be in the same game and on the same side. However the ps3 does have better quality and has free online but you can also get playstation plus which is £40 a year(which let's you download 3 set games they give you ever month that range from new to classics so you could get 36 games for 40 pound for a year and also has bonus features(you need a decent amount of space for this)) but normally the space is good, but even buying a new game from a store it can take up to much space with the initial install if you have a small hard drive, where as on the xbox it's optional and it's also easier to change hard drive (if you don't have the slim(but you shouldn't need to with the hard drive space it gives you)). So i would say for social gaming xbox is better, currently i'm on the PC depending on how much you are willing to spend a pc would be an over all best for social and good graphics, you can talk through ingame messages or a headset like the consoles and instead of using partys you can use skype ^^ you can also connect multiple screens so one side you are gaming the other screen can have a movie or have skype open or even teamspeak. and with a descent ram size you could easily use the internet. But pretty much everything is down to cost and size. Also the games like battlefield of ps3 and xbox (not sure if they are different) there multiplayers have around 16 on each side so it's like 32 players in one game ^^ on the pc you can easily have 32 verses 32 on a close quarters match !! it's very hard to camp. Ps. I love just going online with other people, if i am on my own all pc, ps3 and xbox is the same a part from the controllers, but you can get the controllers to work on pc whether it's a ps3 or xbox own controller if you dig for the right software. But sometimes depending on the game it might not work. Basically best way to move up in gaming from being a teenage (i'm only 18) is getting a decent pc and learning to use the softwares. The only annoying part is that it's not all handed to you like on the ps3 or xbox but it is worth it and you can slowly upgrade a pc, you don't need to spend alot of money at once and it would most likely be cheaper. (by the way ignore the slight grammar mistakes, English was not my best subject haha) If i'm wrong about something let me know or if I said anything out of order, or if i don't make sense (some parts I probably don't)

they dont have playback compatibility

none of them will have playback compatibility so every one needs to stop saying that xbox 720 wont even be using cds any more to prevent the use of used games and ps4 wont because sony has already confirmed that it wont play previous gen games unless bought and downloaded through the psn server

it's not a typo

It's not a typo, it's a dumbass being a dumbass. A typo is an accident and this was no accident. This is evidence that a person can't take 5 minutes out of 20 years to effing learn something, and that's a character defect we have to stop forgiving. Your vs you're, their vs they're, loose vs lose, breathe vs breath, its vs it's, separate, supersede. These don't take long to learn. If everyone takes one hour out of watching youtube videos and figures this crap out _once_, they'll be set for life. It's so easy to do that not doing it makes you a dumbass.

CEO of Operatives Entertainment

I have all 3 and i play on all 3, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The Xbox 360 is the best selling console because it has the best support, developers can easily develop for it and microsoft ensure these developers are paid a fortune for the best games. The PS3 is more a media platform than a games machine, PS online is utterly terrible in every sense, especially when compared with Xbox Live, their is simply no comparison. PS Online is both unstable, and unsafe and only now have Sony decided to revise its security, Little to late really. However the PS3 is a very capable machine and the blu-ray drive is always useful. We all know the PC will always be ahead of consoles, and frankly who cares? if you want to keep spending hundreds or thousands on new parts or machines every year go ahead, you are clearly as silly as the manufacturers hope you are. Games still look great on both the PS3 and Xbox even after this many years, so with the new hardware i cannot wait to see what they will produce. Roll on both PS4 and Xbox 720 i say, competition is a good thing and i hope these two companies continue to compete, as this serves us (the consumer) better hardware and better deals in the long run.

Ps3 is a media platform? Even

Ps3 is a media platform? Even though it's probably the only console that has the most AAA and better exclusive games that are worth buying this generation (metacritic, ign, gamespot scores.). May i remind you how many exclusive retail disk games xbox has comapred to the ps3? The ps3 has 50+ and xbox has 6+ while wii has 25+. So i have to disagree with that point completely. I agree with you with the Playstation online. I find that the xbox is much better for online and multiplayer. But then again if i was looking for multiplayer then i would go and play my PC. But out of the two consoles i agree. The Playstation is as unstable as any network (Steam, xbox online, etc). Read this article It's very informative and will give you an insight about "console security." I honestly just hope that the next gen of xbox will direct the flow of games alot more then just buying exclusive rights to gettting a map pack out of an outdated game engine (cod).

Common Sense

It doesn't matter which console is better, all you should care about is if it can meet your gaming "needs." I for one have a PS3, and if I had an Xbox 360 I would probably play it just as much. People need to get over their love for a electronic pile of wiring and learn to just play and not hate on something someone else prefers to enjoy. No-one could care less what else you think may make your preferred console better then theirs.

CEO of Operatives Entertainment

Ok... Now this has to be one of the the most disappointing things I have ever seen. When it comes down to the better console, why are you guys bring up predecessor? If its a discussion between the two current consoles let it stay that way. No need to get ****-hurt on a topic that's not going to have an effect on you our your life 2 minutes after. Now as for the better console. I'm sorry it is Xbox 360 I don't see how sales can determine which console is better. I'm sure wii ain't better than PS3 or the 360 but look at that! Most people will not buy a console due to its specification they buy it because: 1) Their either a fan of the console/brand. 2) It's cheaper than other systems. 3) It can deliver the same amount of fun. 4) it's something they grew up on.( I for example grew up on PS2 and Nintendo 64 so naturally I would buy a ps3 which a did, eventually I had also gotten my xbox360) 5) Cause some people actually do know the specs(lol remember i said most people) But when it comes down to it Xbox 360 takes the cake, now addressing certain issues: Exclusives: is sorry for whoever told the rest of you guys that ps3 has more exclusive. That has not been the case. And I doubt will ever be Xbox 360 has basically a wall or even more than library(exaggeration) full of exclusive but you can get what I mean. (Xbox) While: (ps3) Xbox has a total of 40 more exclusives than sony and including the latest ones for each. Sponsors: ok I think it's practically dumb of anyone to think Sony has more sponsored than microsoft like wtf -,-" and if a company that sponsored microsoft will also sponsored the console (most likely due to profits or easier access to ads) not discussing this further. Online&security: ok yes yes YES!!! We know psn is free..soo? Xbox three 360 has a pay to play online feature but first of all only every say 4:10 games have an online feature most requires online for DLC's plus if your going to get in it there is also a one mothe free trial for a person who has bought a new system. Then and additional three free months with a new profile. Then different paying methods to get online I mean 60 for a years worth online isn't bad $24 for three and $10 for a month I don't see how the hell their robbing anyone plus no Xbox games requires you to pay to play unless its an arcade game which requires an online connection to be established. But you know what I'd rather pay to play online than play on a god **** lagging psn which a bunch of effing hackers. Oh yea did you guys not hear your server got hacked this happened why. Cause your just too cheap this is less likely to happen to Xbox due to this is an area specialized in because of... Who do we thank bill gates ^,^ Xbox just offers more protection I feel safe with my Xbox Specs: This is a bunch of bull Xbox 360 has the better specifications when it comes down to visuals though all thoug the two are on par ps3 has blue ray but the HUD processor MEMORY smooth gameplay mechanics best quality Xbox all the way... 5:18am out of all of what you just said, you only said one correct thing, poor ******. of course microsoft is making money, that is all they care about. and those are not sponsors you see on xbox dipshit, those are called ads. for the fear that you may not understand what those are, ads are another way xbox makes more money. i own both the ps3 and 360, along with a multitude of other systems, and i love different features on both systems. but to go saying **** like people on psn suck at shooters, thats where you have life ****** up dude. 360 is nothing but a **** camper haven on FPS games. dont get me wrong, there is campers on any platform, and any fps. but my god, ive never seen so many people scared to die in a video game on 360. if i wanted to play hide and go seek, i would just pick up an ispy book. at least it would be more entertaining. and xbox has more exlusives than sony? yeah xbox has halo, gears and such. but more exclusives? do unicorns really exist when an individual is not intoxicated on shrooms? and sony does have a computer. its called a viao. along with a whole list of electronics. (ONCE AGAIN, INCORRECT FACTS. GO TEAM RETARDS! *sarcasm*) halo making more money than COD. now thats funny man. dont get me wrong, i love some halo action every now and then. i dont even mind the fact that bungie isnt doing halo anymore (im waiting for Destiny). anyhow, just for an example. black ops 2 broke records and brought in over 500 million dollars in sales on its first day. halo 4 only brought in about 220 million dollars in sales on its first day. keep in mind that those were only the sales on the first day, its pointless to even give you the sales quotas of this current day. and no sir, i do not suck at halo. so guess what? wrong again. so now that i have helped you correct your poorly given statements, i have only one lesson for you to learn, young jedi. QUIT BEING A FANBOY FOR A COMPANY THAT COULD CARE LESS ABOUT GAMERS AS LONG THEY ARE MAKING MONEY. defending a company that wouldnt **** on you if were on fire with a pitbull latched on your nuts, all while a midget is tossing poo poo at you. of course, you could probably pay them and they may give you a tinkle. rough possibility though. okay for starters ps3 has a larger libary of exclusives than xbox for example uncharted gt5 killzone resistance 3 infamous and so on and a point to be noted the only good exclusives i've soo far seen on my 360 are forza and halo thus ps3 has better exclusives.okay you've got bill gates but he's known for creating windows and operating systems not hardware where as sony has more than just experience in picking the precise components.ps3 also had a late start and has yet still risen above which shows that the ps3 is more reliable and powerful.dude i have both the xbox slim and the ps3 and in my opinion the ps3 is by far more futuristic than the xbox last night i was playing a little bit of pes on the xbox and its kinda funny seeing ps3 on the freakin advertisment boards so yeaah ps3 does have sponsors.even on the ******* xbox also psn is FREE i don't have to pay to play online so yeah and dude playing on different consoles doesn't mean one of them enhance your skills more than the others soo in the end ps3 is the apex predator and xbox ain't worth buying unless you have a buckload of cash for xbox live,a battery pack for the controller playing *******games like kinectimals on the kinect and can afford to buy another one just in case the one you have gets bricked....OK IM FINALLY DONE

ur kinda stupid

I'm not sure if you herd under ur fat ****** rock but Microsoft was hacked yes I see ur face drop as u talk **** about sony yes not as bad but it was still hacked so goodnight and **** of child

We're all fanboys... are obviously a youngster, I'm guessing around 12-14yrs old? I don't hold this against you, you are compassionate about your likes and dislikes and your disdain for those who don't share your insights provides a little info on your experience as well. I love video games, I play daily almost, my 13yr old daughter plays and we play together sometimes or she may watch me play until she gets bored. I own all the current consoles, had a Dreamcast, a Gamegear and some other handhelds, and even a Leapster( when she was little )I don't do PC games because I don't have the expertise to upgrade my current machine or prepare once strictly for gaming. I say all this in an effort to explain that gamePLAY is king--it's all about the software. I have all the systems simply because I don't want to miss any games. I even own one game I have also on another system because the gamemakers decided to "tweak" a movement on one platform that they didn't on another! Guess what? I'm a fanboy. Guess what else? You're a fanboy, too. We like videogames and that makes us fans. Some more fanatical than others but fans nonetheless. So let me give you a lesson as well young master, they DO care about the gamer( those that make systems to play games )and it is always about the money. They don't do it for free, PSN is not completely free and you dont pay for everything on XBOXlive. Each one has it's pros and cons and it is up to the CONSUMER to keep these companies honest and pumping out dependable hardware and stellar software to play it on. Live to game and game to live. PS. I played PONG when it was new...and everthing else before the FIRST Playstation, so I have a little experience on my side.

LOL Wha...?

One of the richest men on the planet is a fool? And the truth-sayers and geniuses at SONY decided that they would almost price themselves outta the market at the beginning of this console generation and come in third behind a system that wasn't even in HD? I like you, you're funny!


Who gives a **** about Bill Gates? The only thing he managed to do is make a decent PC, I have a Windows 7 and it gets the job done. Sony wants to see how the 720 is a giant piece of crap, and steal the market. Japan is the most technologically advanced country in the world, you would be a dumbass to think a douchebag from California can make a better console then them. I had a 360 for a year and it died, my PS3 has been running for two years now and I got it from a pawn shop. Quality is the key to a good console. Sony released 3 consoles and 2 handhelds. Xbox has released 2 consoles and no handhelds. The original Xbox was a copy of the PS2, and not a good one. the fat PS2 is half the size of a Xbox. The Xbox was always a copy of the Playstation. In 2006, the Xbox 360 was a white lump of dog **** suffering from screen tearing and lag. The PS3 that was HD compatible that could play PS1 games without a patch that should have been installed on the 360. Bill Gates is rich because he is lazy.

Bias Much?

No one is going to take your argument seriously when you come across so blatantly biased (trying to stay away from throwing around the fan boy term here). You fail to mention the areas the ps3 has the xbox beat (bluray for example). It comes down to preference no one console is a hands down winner in my eyes. In my OPINION (key word here) the ps3 is better because although it may have less exclusives, the ones it does have are in entirely different leagues (uncharted and god of war especially).

Sony's biggest mistake

IMO is by not making their consoles backwards compatible, or at least offering some peripheral device that makes it possible(IE. Gameboy player for the Gamebox). Having to repurchase games on Cloud doesn't count plus they haven't guaranteed playability for any previous games as yet. They lost at least one sale(mine) because of this.


Well that's fine. Why buy a PS4 if all you want to do is play PS3 games? And you may not have to rebuy all of your cloud games. It's possible Sony will do a PS+ like service with it, giving you access to all, or a large amount of the games. In addition, while they said there isn't support for games downloaded on PSN for PS4, they did state that they had the data of who downloaded what, and they might be able to use that.


they never once said anyone had to repurchase a game to play on a cloud system, how much sense would that make for someone to use a cloud based service to run a game they could just re-buy for that system, they already stated that its not possible for the PS4 to even be able to play because the processor is so powerful it cant even run a last gen game because the system wont even recognize it, go ahead and dont buy it, im not losing anything over you not buying it, you're very misinformed

Processor too powerful...

Lol if you don't know what you are talking about, which is extremely obvious then it's better to be silent. How powerful a processor is has never got anything to do with bc and a processor can never be too powerful. Those are facts. It's the libraries system, the cell processor from the PS3 which are completely different from the PS4 hardware, which will be very close to regular pc hardware. Actually it is common pc hardware, just modified. However when streaming there are no limitation anymore to bc. However i share you're love for the PS4.


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