Tweak Up 1.95


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Tweak Up 1.95 can optimise your directx,cd-rom speed,optmise your internet setting for cable and dial-up modem,optimise your BIOS setting,idle your cpu,disable IRDP which will "disable" the DHCP security bug,optimise PS2 rate for Logitech mouse and many more....It will also tell you how to "optimise" your system.ini which is include in the program. The program will speed up your pc up to 40%. Try it and you will notice a different in your pc before using Tweak Up and after using Tweak Up.This version includes many enhancements to the program like updated settings for dialup modem internet boost and includes a setup file and an uninstall option and many more. Best of all, Tweak Up is freeware. Tweak Up 2.0 will include a lot more tweaks than 1.9.It will include tweak to optimise your Voodoo3 and lots more....Tweak Up 2.0 is currently in beta. For those who are interested in trying Tweak Up 2.0 beta ,send an email to .