Heat Signature

Heat Signature

Easy "Billions Dead" Achievement:
To get this achievement simply delete your galaxy. You can do it in the pause menu under the section "Change galaxy".

Easy "Well Done" Achievement:
To get this achievement you have to knock yourself out with a wrench you threw.

Step 1: Get a wrench and equip it.
Step 2: Stand next to a wall and press T. This will open the throwing mode.
Step 3: Aim it directly at the wall, so that the wrench will reflect right back at you.
Step 4: Throw the wrench.

Read every tooltip! Heat Signature tells you almost everything ingame, and what it doesn't explicitly tell you can be inferred based on what it does tell you.

Hold F to speed up time by 6x. Immensely useful when you're waiting for a guard to leave their group or when approaching a ship.

Destroyed rooms act as impromptu airlocks. However, since there's no door between your pod and the ship, enemies can see you through the forcefield.

You can attack random ships by just flying around. Ships will usually be specific to the faction whose space you are in, and will always have a time limit (since they are always heading to a station). Useful for gearing up from crates before attempting more difficult missions.

Guard corpses can be used to prop open doors. Useful for using Sidewinders.

Thrown objects cause noises when they hit walls. Useful for attracting guard attention without using guns. Be warned: guns will go off if thrown against a wall!

Guards are not alerted by your unconscious body. This one is a little ridiculous, actually. If a guard spots you, as long as you knock yourself out before they shout intruder, the alarm won't sound. You can use this to your advantage to prevent an otherwise missionending alarm.

Subverters will remove the lock from a key door. Subverter grenades are especially useful if multiple key doors are next to each other.

You can permanently advance through sections by using Visitors twice or more in a row. The most recent start location will be your final return location, so with enough Visitors you can effectively teleport the entire length of a ship.

All guards will die if spaced. If you can lure a guard to a room and then cause a breach (shoot out the window or blow the room), if won't matter if they are shielded or armored.

You do not have to complete a mission to recharge items. As long as the ship doesn't have a time limit, you're welcome to go to a station and return.

Keys of a higher number work on that number lock and below. Since key cloners usually have limited uses, you should seek ouy keys which are one or two higher than your current section.

You can grab enemies the moment you harm them with a melee attack. Useful to keep them from flying into another guard's vision.

Various Steam Achievements
Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

Achievement How to unlock
A Weight Lifted Be rescued from your captor by the Visitor.
Angel Save someone with the Offworld Angel.
Audacity Complete an Audacious (or harder) mission.
Billions Dead Delete a Galaxy.
Bloodless Complete a Bloodless Clause.
Brick Break a ship with the Foundry Brick.
Cauldron of Stars Start a new galaxy.
Closure Complete your personal mission.
Coldfire Pass through a ship's vision undetected in the Sovereign Coldfire.
Coming Through Rescue a friend's character.
Conflicted Hitman Deliver an assassination target alive.
Correction Complete a Mistake mission.
Defenceless Crash a shield.
End Game Talk to Fiasco after liberating every Stronghold.
End of an Era Retire Sader Fiasco.
Enigma Complete an Enigma Clause.
Ghost Complete a Ghost Clause.
Ghost Thief Complete a theft without being seen or harming anyone.
Gold Text Find a unique item.
Heirloom Find an item that belonged to a Steam friend's character.
I Wouldn't... Cause a guard with a subverted shield to shoot themselves.
Known Issue Cause a sentry to shoot a guard by subverting it.
Legend Retire as a Living Legend.
Liberator Liberate a station.
Lightning Strike Take someone out with a melee attack less than 0.5 seconds after Sidewinding.
Living in a Bubble Reflect a bullet with an emergency shield.
Magic Reality Complete a practice mission.
Nails Complete a Hard (or harder) mission.
Nitojutsu Kill someone with a Shortblade within 1 second of killing someone with a Longblade.
Objects in Space Board a ship without docking your pod.
One Careful Owner Complete a Hijack mission in a Warzone.
Only The Guilty Complete an assassination mission without harming any other crew.
Out of Gas Dock at a friendly station while on emergency fuel.
Outside the Box Complete an Assassinate mission without entering the ship.
Pacifist Complete a Pacifist Clause.
Self Help Rescue one of your own characters.
Silence Complete a Silence Clause.
Spacewalker Make it to a station after your pod has been destroyed.
Strange Justice Cause a guard to shoot themselves by Swapping with them.
The Fiasco Reckoning Completely eliminate a faction from the galaxy.
They'll Live Knock a Capture target through a window.
Tick Teleport to an airlock with the Glitcher's Tick.
Unauthorised Visitation Use a second Visitor before the first returns you.
Visitor Pass Acquire a keycard while Visiting.
Well Done Knock yourself out with a wrench you threw.
White Knuckle Extraction Catch a Rescue target in your pod while they're suffocating in space.